Can you please help me? Im working on with a simple program wherein if the button is clicked, the person will be notified in his/her email. .aspx page will be seen in the email body. Thank you for your responses!

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What do you have so far? What is not working for you?

It's working already. I used namespace: Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices. Thank you, btw.

Also, I'm having a hard time with this problem.

string link = "<a href='Page.aspx'>"+ textBox1.Text +"</a>";
string body = "Number :" + link ;
em.sendMailConfirmation("", "Good day!", body);

It is not working. There is no link inside the email.

Did you make sure that textBox1.Text actually contains a value, and that the value is not a quotation mark which would impact your string value.

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