It looks weird to me. Daniweb isn't corprate, nor run by tons of people, nor do they wear shirts like that.
The full image says "we are a bunch of people who don't say LOL at work and need your money even though we have a enough."

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    I guess they wanted a 'Dude', but using [this one](http://3guys1movie.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Lebowskilimo.jpg) would have cost too much :) Read More

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    Should've used a Dudette. Read More

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    and it would seem a bit much like [Bob et Bobette](http://img93.xooimage.com/files/9/0/c/bob-et-bobette---095---01-3bd5de2.jpg) :) Read More


That's our DaniWeb dude!! He's been out mascot for years and years. He's not corporate ... he's wearing a DaniWeb-colored polo.


"we are a bunch of people who don't say LOL at work and need your money even though we have a enough."

Two thoughts:

  • If you never say LOL does that mean you are a bunch of humorless geeks? (I doubt it)
  • If you have enough money what do you need more for?

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Should've used a Dudette.


@pritaeas, why not both a dude and dudette?

That would drive away the dudes looking for a dudette... ;)


First time I've seen him too.
To be honest, I don't think he matches the image I have of the site, but please don't take my advice on design :)


That would drive away the dudes looking for a dudette... ;)

But what about the dudettes looking for dudes?


I've never seen that Ad before now, where is it? I've always thought that the "<DANIWEB>" and the ">" logos were your, logos?

If he is seen to be doing something intelligent it might compensate for his vacant expression. Maybe you could have him stood in front of a Blackboard/Chalkboard solving a 'divide by zero' error in some very small display of code, or something.

You may want to rephrase your request for support to something a little less guilt-trippy, maybe something like, "We're running a donations drive. Help us to help you, make a donation today." That's just a general example, you'll think of some better wording. Traffic and Costs will be perceived as your problem, you put the site here, you chose the server provider, etc. Tell them that they're going to get good from the good they give, whatever that may be. The "Anything helps" is a good phrase.

As you've said in another post, you're making changes to the front-end, so you've probably already thought about this kinda stuff anyway. :-)


Well, if one were to go by phrenology, the shape of this "dude"'s head is very telling, and disturbing. The flat shape of the back of his skull indicates that he is devoid of any sense of morality, parenting skills, and capacity to remain faithful to his word (cheating on his wife, etc..). The position of his ears would suggest that he seeks dangerous situations (thrills) and confrontations. The proportions of his face indicate that he has no interest in intellectual pursuits but has a big stomach and a lot of heart at work.

I'm not sure that really corresponds to your average Daniweb member ;)

(in case you didn't know: phrenology is bullshit)

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