So I've started to look into the possibly of making revenue from my website by using ads. I'm a US citizen and I think I may be required to give some of these websites my SSN before they can pay me anything. So my question is, have any of you experienced problems or had reason to feel uncomfortable giving your SSN to any of these companies? Are there companies that you've had a good experience with and feel comfortable with? Is it complicated to file income tax and get the documentation for this source of income? Any first hand experience would be greatly appreciated. The fear of mismanagement of my information (or identity theft) or creating tax problems has kept me from making any money off my site.

I always prefer not to provide my SSN. You can request a TIN (Tax Identification Number) from the IRS, and provide that number instead.

I think your fear is valid with regard to trusting that organizations are doing what they have to do keep your information private.

With regard to tax problems, you shouldnt have any issues as long as you are reporting the income. that's all the IRS cares about.

Yes, but dont provide your SSN to register for ad networks. heres the like of some topic about SNN. thanks

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Thank You, JorgeM, that helps a lot.