Hi everyone
I want to make an ad-hoc network so that I can share the Internet connection from my laptop with my mobile phone . I watched some videos about this but non of them works . Can anyone help me please ?

Thanks in advance .

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It depends upon one thing: your phone account. Does it support using your phone for tethering or as a WiFi "hotspot"? Most will allow that, but usually charge you a premium for the privilege. You configure your phone as a WiFi hotspot, and then connect your computer and (usually up to 4 others - 5 max) others to the WiFi SSID that the phone would then be broadcasting. I have done this frequently with my Android phone on my AT&T phone account. It is exactly the same as connecting to any public (or private) WiFi access point.

The interet connection is on my laptop , what you have mentioned rubberman I have done before , but what I want now is the opposite . I want to connect to the internet from my mobile phone using the connection I have got on my laptop .

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