I am new user. How to earn money from Pay Per Click Ad and where I will get valuable site?

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Pay per Click Ads? The most common and easiest to start with is to partner with Google's Adsense.

..get valuable site? - Not sure what you mean.

I think what he meant is PTC, PTC or Paid To Click is a simple form of marketing where advertizers pay you to visit there websites (usually around $0.001 to $0.02 per website you visit) The whole process is organize by PTC sites which acts as a middleman between advertizers and the people who are looking for a way to earn some extra money on line.

Do you mean like joining affiliate programs? There are tons out there that you can join, and then promote through AdWords, and earn a commission when people buy. However, it's definitely more competitive nowadays than it used to be.

Firstly, AdWords changed their policies awhile back so that only one affiliate promoting a product can show up in the search results at once. This creates much more competition between multiple affiliates selling the same product through the same affiliate program.

Secondly, the number of people who are doing this has increased tremendously since the economic recession as people look for get rich quick schemes and work at home jobs.

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