Hey guys,

Just tried to log in on Mozilla Firefox 30.0 and it does not give me an alert toast/message.
My credentials are good because it worked on IE11 and Google Chrome.

I've tried searching something on this topic, but haven't found anything.

Have a great day everybody!

What do you mean it doesn't give you an alert message? What does it do? What type of login are you using (standard username/password)?

I just upgraded my firefox and was able to confirm the bug. When I try to log in, the cookie just doesn't save for some reason. I have about an hour to look into it before I have to run to an appointment.

OK, looks like this bug affects all login forms (login via social media platforms as well).

The cookie simply doesn't get saved. Investigating bug reports online ...

OK, wasn't a bug after all. Apparently upgrading Firefox corrupted the DaniWeb cookies. You need to clear all cookies, or at least all cookies originating from .daniweb.com or www.daniweb.com, and then it should work.

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Thank you Dani, good job on finding the problem.