Whenever I open google chrome, it starts randomly opening tabs. I'm not sure if this is malware or not. Firefox does not do this, so I'm not sure if a virus has just infected google chrome. It appears to have done nothing to my system (Everything runs fine without problems except for google chrome, my computer is the same speed it has always been) Does anyone know how to solve this?

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Try downloading AdwCleaner from www.bleepingcomputer.com.
Run it, and delete all that it finds.


Aside from trying to reisntall Chrome, I'd recommend you download MalwareBytes and run a scan on your computer. Its a free tool and its effective at finding malware that traditional AV programs fail to locate.

  1. It could be an add-on you installed on the Chrome. uninstall the add ons. the ones you do not know.

2.It could be a virus. Scan for the viruses.

3.Your PC is being controlled by a ghost (this is unlikely)

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