As previously reported, Google’s Matt Cutts announced on Friday that Google launched the latest data refresh for the Penguin update.we may see a lot more complaints about Penguin the next time it hits. On the other hand, releasing the EMD update, a Panda update, and a Penguin refresh all so close together could probably be described as “jarring” by some webmasters. This means that there were not made any algorithmic changes, just another run through by Google, a so called ‘minor update’.

The last Panda Update was from last November and that was also a minor update. Google did the last bigger update in October.

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Thanks for giving me information about Google Update.

Your post is very appreciate and helpful.


Everyone is woundering about the penality of the Google panda and penguin updates but no one can tell us , how to recover these updates after the hiting the panda and penguin updates, Can anyone tell me how to do SEO that do not effect the ranking.


No, I don't think new penguin will come sooner, panda will come in several modifications

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