Default shortcut for sending msg/post seems to have broken key-binding. Either remove, or repair it. Id repair as its quite useful.

Testing testing ...

Alt+S works for me?

Ive no idea wether its working for you.....
For me its not.

oh I got it.... its written in very confusing way.... instead of Alt+S, should be Alt+Shift+S; there is a difference between small and capitalized letter S; s and S differs.

test with capslock.... also does not work....

this thing should be corrected as indicated in my prev. post.

Are you on a Mac? On a mac, it's Command+S. On Windows, it's Alt+S. No shift is necessary. Caps lock shouldn't make a difference either.

Dani: Im on Win8.1 and Win8.1 is preinstalled (this means I bought the laptop with Win8.1 being already there). AFAIK Win will not install on Mac, or am I missing sth (Im not spec in OSes so I truly dont know)?

Alt+s works for me, no shift necessary. I'm also on Windows 8.1. What browser are you using?

No. I will not repeat myself - look clsely on other thread (article as its called here).

commented: I asked in this thread, not another thread. If you want help, stop being obtuse. +0