I am Developing Desktop application in VS2008 with C#.
I wan to send SMS using my C# Application.
Can any one give me idea abt that.

Thanks in Advance
Pratik Asthana

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You have 3 options, use a gsm modem and pay a phone company for its service, pay for a sms gateway in which the company that you pay for that will give you api examples.

or the most practical is to send emails to the SMSEmail gateways, the only problem with this option is there is a different Email address for each phone carrier, EX att is xxxxxxxxxx@txt.att.net where the x's are the phone number.

I have SMS gateway to send sms using uername and pwd
Can U tell me how to use this code in c# application or can u provide me some code for it

Thank You

Pratik Asthana

if you have a gateway, then in order to use it, you need specific information about it, there is no generic code for every interface.

what do you know about your gateway? is it an api?

Find out more about the gateway you are registered with. I've done something similar using the Clickatell Gateway. Any of the popular gateway would have a 'Developers' section on their website where you can find information about different types of technologies/ways you can use for using their gateway and create your custom application.
Download the API's. They would have examples as well, and try it out.

i am aravind and i am new for this blog. I want a small info. How can i create my own sms portal. I dont want to buy and 3 rd party service. I want to create my own and i want to send bulk sms for my clients. Is there is any one know means please help me.. Please also convey me to my mail id [email]SNIPPED[/email]

Thanks and Regards
Aravind G

Well Aravind as far as i know,
You cant do this without using 3rd party service....

The idea is at some point you have to interface with the wireless carriers. A gateway is a must, that's how its done. Now if you want tocreate your own gateway, then you have to contact the business departments of all the Wireless Phone companies you want to support and go from there.

But the easiest method is to use email gateways already provided by the phone companies. xxxxxxxxxx@txt.att.net for att. That's how I do it on my site. I have a contact form that allows you to choose email or txt message. I just have a simple if statement that switches out the addy and poof. Easy simple solution.

But if you are really looking to start your own business as a wireless text gateway provider, Looking around in a C# forum isn't going to help you. To handle a serious load you are going to need a team of programmers and custom equipment somewhere near a phone hub.

Text messages are sent using a complicate process that has nothing to do with the internet or standard computer technologies. It all happens on the wireless phone provider's network.

I am ambrish.I am Developing Windows application in VS2008 with C#.I wan to send SMS using my C# Application.Can any one give me idea abt that.My Phone no is 9787707719.

Hi, i m bhargav. i m developing web based application. so in my application i want to send sms to my clients. so please give me some company name or websites that provoides sms services..

It's never a good idea to post your phone number on the Internet.

You can do it using a email.

Like verison is @vtext.com and AT&T is @txt.att.net

I know lots of them.

not satisfied with answers

I am virusisfound.

I have read all the post all u entered. I find it's quite interesting . I am also interested to find some thing more about it..

I want to know how can I send SMS as u all discussed before what changes. I have to perform on my code and is there is any coding please if it's possible please post some code

Hi pratikasthana17!

If you have an sms gateway software you should develop an api to create a c# app. It is not to difficult.
In the following website you can find how to use the Ozeki API, i hope this example will helps you out or gives you idea how to write your own app: <URL SNIPPED>

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