We just migrated to all new servers!! Yay!

Please be sure to let me know if anything isn't working right, or seems off, ...

"No problemos" for the moment.

I know how much fun migration can be. Congrats on a successful op.


Dani there is a problem with the spell checker, it bars all the words. Here's a screenshot:spell.png

Strange part is that after inserting the attachment the issue disappeared in this post, note that the first line is now fine:


But by adding some text after the attachment changes the result another time:


Yes, I'm aware, but I'm currently waiting on James to get home from dinner in order to fix it.

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Spell checker should now be resolved.

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Unbanned members not fixed though as far as I can see.

Another potential problem. I've edited the June newsletter, but not had the test copy through email turn up for checking. Thought it best to mention in case there's a problem that might impact upon the distribution of the real thing next month.

Thank you! The spell check seems to work fine now. But there is still a problem, it seems it does not check some wrong words after the attached image. Before: worng helol wrod.


After: worng eholl wrod. The first and the third words are matched because are the same of the previous sentence, so the script finds the matches and performs the highlight, after the attachment the parsing seems to stop, so the second word which is different but always wrong is not highligted. << But this error is matched!


And, if I move the Before sentence to a new line his errors are not highlighted:


I'm not sure this issue is related to the migration. Bye!

I just tried to move a thread and got this:

This webpage has a redirect loop

The webpage at https://www.daniweb.com/community-center/threads/496409/seo#post2171990 has resulted in too many redirects. Clearing your cookies for this site or allowing third-party cookies may fix the problem. If not, it is possibly a server configuration issue and not a problem with your computer.

It was moved correctly, but something happens after that the browser didnt like.

Anything else wrong, the site is very slow-loading atm. Every page load takes very long (2-3 secs) while "waiting for daniweb.com" to respond (Opera). Yes, only daniweb, not others.

Currently working on issues with login. Not sure about the speed issues. I'm not experiencing them, but it might be something funky with the load balancer ...

Prit, the redirect error you were facing ended up being related to the login issue. Both are now fixed.

Here's a niggle: previously banned members now not banned and free to do what they will.

Don't worry. It's strictly just what the badge says on their member profile. They can't post. Regardless, investigating why this is ...

Another potential problem. I've edited the June newsletter, but not had the test copy through email turn up for checking.

Strange because it worked for me? Did it go to your spam??

cereal, the spell checker bug is just because I'm bad at regex and the problem must have always existed. Not related to the migration.

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OK, I've updated the member profile badge to show Banned. It was actually something that already existed ... When determining which badge to show, being Unverified actually had precedence over being Banned (both have the exact same privileges ... none!)

That's a relief. A bit of an upswing of spam along with spotting that banned badge thing made me wonder if the system was broken. Very glad it isn't :)

As for the newsletter draft, for some reason it did end up in my spam folder. Has never done that before, have flagged it to ensure it doesn't happen again.

I just received the email invite to the wednesday web dev chat... two days late.

Hi, my speed is fine. Congrats on your move. I was wondering why a new server would mess with the spell checker.

Pspell wasn't built into PHP on the new servers by default.