Recently I realized that I not receive any email notification from DaniWeb. When I check on the User Settings, I saw this alert message

We have been having problems emailing you. Has your email address changed? Please update your email address to begin receiving email from us again.

After I re-write my email, this message changed to

An email to verify your account has been sent to Please click the link in the email to confirm your email address.

But when I check my mail, I don't receive any email from DaniWeb.

Or I'm the only one who face this ?

We have had a problem with Hotmail delaying email we send out because it gets flagged as fraud. It should arrive in about 24 hours. Otherwise, please use a non-Hotmail email. Sorry for the inconvenience.

It looks actually as if Hotmail and MSN have been actively refusing email that we send for the past few weeks. Ugh!

Just me chiming in here. On that other forum I moderate, alert emails have been hit or miss for a lot of members. The ones that don't have issues are on gmail or something other than what Dani noted.

Because a lot of bots and spam traps tend to use hotmail as throwaway email addresses, so we have a lot of Hotmail emails in our database that are bad. We try to clean it to the very best of our ability, but Hotmail doesn’t like us very much.

I have changed my email from Hotmail to gmail, but still not receive any email .

i need speak ;)
everytime that i create a topic, i recive an email... jonh_165 you can test that...
now the notifications can have a delay, but they will be showed... i use hotmail.
anotherthing: when you are login, maybe, you don't recive the notifications...
ok, i'm sepaking by head, but these is more or less what i see.
but Dani has right, the hotmail is more strange for get the mails. i have problems on others pages\forums too. it's a hotmail bug. you can try speak with them for see what that say, but.. i don't know what they will answer and you don't understand more.
Dani do what she can... but somethings aren't from here, but the hotmail 'rules'. i had some problems and she helped me very.
thank you so much for all
hey Happy Chrismas

I too faced the similar issue but when I checked the spam folder of my email, I found the mail there. Sometimes, the mail get some delivery issues and thus marked as spam by most of the email service provider.