Write an algorithm and draw a flowchart that determine whether a student has passed or failed. Add the student CA,mid semester test and exam score. addition of score should not be more than 100.the pass mark should be 60


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A good place to start is to write down step by step instructions on how you would do this by hand.

This question seems to be asking how a simple spreadsheet based gradebook program functions. Values can be weighted variously, but the essential algorithm is nothing more than: if CW+MT+Exam/total possible points>60% print "P" I am not sure of the grammar here any more--and I imagine that depends on the language you are using--but I think this is the gist of the idea. To me the formula is both algorithm and flowchart, but I guess you could box each part up in arrow boxes and say, "walk this way." That help?

The simples way to go about this is to check test score agaist the passmark .

Passmark = 60

Score = 0-100


Input Greade 
if (GRADE < 60) then
Print “FAIL”
Print “PASS”

The Flowchart version of solution for this is


Image Credits (Creately Flowchart Software)

If you want to check more slabs, eg: 60 - Just pass 75> Good 80> Great, you may have to have different dicisions and out comes

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