Hi All,

Suggst me which is the Best Tool to start the E-Commerce Site and easy to use.

Thank you.

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Magento - it is free for the community edition, it works pretty well out of the box without customisation, there are many extensions that you can add, there are a heap of good looking themes around and if you do want to add special functional that you can't find an extension for, its bit of learning curve but very powerful. And it has a good API should you need to connect to other websites/apps/etc.

Magento is resource hog, which mean it have a lots of built in feature for online ecommerce store.

easy to use

for this you may check WordPress. it is easy to use compared to Magento

Weebly.com is best solution for newbeis in ecoomeerce you can create very good sites their.

shopify and woothemes are my top 2 ecommerce tools

As far as I am concerned, you forgot to mention some really stunning ecommerse website builders. What about Squarespace, Wazala, Pinnaclecart and etc?
There're more builders you missed at this source and some of them allow users to put their ideas in the motion with just a flick of a buuton and allow to create e-shop from a scratch without all the complex coding. And... I must say, in the long run, they are all very good.

E-commrce site better use php paltform choose any ecommrce site plugin.

Magento is the best one. But you can go for woocommerce as well if you know wordpress already.

Buildabazar and Shopify are my suggestions.

Prestashop is truly a free ecommerce website builder and is a strong option if your budget is too low. Too easy to use as much as you can expect from a free ecommerce platform. It provides you with number of features competing with woocommerce and shopify.

Shopify is the best platform for the e-commerce. It has the best options and features, even Wix or WordPress can't compete with it at least in this case. They have other advantages. If you want to make a small landing page I would recommend you to check out Mobirise (it's totally free) or Weebly.

Maybe you should check out Commerce platform? Shoopify is cool too. If you don't need anything detailed check out Weebly or Mobirise builder.



BigCommerce and Shopify, WooCommerce are the most used platforms for ecommerce.

Magento and Shopify both are best...

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