Hi, I have a little problem with my PC. This 'America Megatrends' screen pops up unpredictably when playing/using my computer. Is there a way I can stop it from popping up? This all started 2 weeks ago while playing Fortnite and ever since, I have this screen showing everyday. I don't want to dammage my PC in any way! It tells me to press F1 and when I press it, information on my PC shows up. How can I stop it from showing up permanently? Thank you! Need help ASAP.

To me this sounds like your PC rebooted. This is not a little problem. I find when folk label things "a little problem" they want it to be a setting or a driver. Given the details it would be a miracle that someone can give an answer to fix this PC.

Try adding details. How about a Speccy report along with the PC's make, model, age, story about how you keep the heatsinks and fans clean and working along with the make, model of the PSU (power supply unit.)

Also, do you do your own PC repairs. It won't do any good to tell you a part to try changing if you don't do your own work.
Here's how to share the Web Speccy Report -> https://www.piriform.com/docs/speccy/using-speccy/publishing-a-speccy-profile-to-the-web

I tried something. I put a fan (an actual fan) in front of my pc, because someone said in another post that it could help and it actually did! It's hot where I live, so I thought I'd try it. Thank you so much for your response! I do keep my fans clean and take good care of my computer. Glad you responded! If the problem occurs again sometime, I'll visit the link you mentionned and do as you said. Thank you very much!

Also, I know that the heat isn't good for your PC, I just never thought that the temperature was related to my problem.

Thanks for the report back. I generally like to gather more info before I hand out possible fixes. Just that engineer side of me.

The Speccy report will have the temperatures as well as other health items that may let us head off future issues.

Example: I continue to run into a lot of HDDs with excessive values in S.M.A.R.T. values 01 and 07. This is a sign the drive has begun to fail and causes all sorts of issues from slow PCs to BSODs.

Best of luck.

'American Megtrands' just popped up again... ugh. Should I share the link to my Speccy report here? I'm not a technician or a computer expert, I don't know what to do at this point.

Are you able to determine the source of the issue based on the report? Next time 'American Megatrends' pops up, I'll write down here exactly what it said. I'm quite nervous about this whole situation. I hope it won't dammage my computer..

@Z, sometimes. But just because I can see, say a high temp it could be debated if I found the source. That is, the report could show a high CPU temp but may not reveal if it's the fan, heatsink compound cracked or something else.

The Web Speccy is one of the best tools I've found to dive into PC hardware issues today. Takes some practise to use but worth reading.

Thank you for your time, really. What should I do now? I am lost. I am a pure newbie. :(

Is there a way I can even get rid of the pop ups? I suppose I have to fix the issue that is causing the pop ups..? I'm aware that I can't get rid of American Megatrends, as it's the BIOS or something like that, but getting rid of the annoying pop ups would be a miracle. I really want to fix this problem ASAP. I have no idea what is triggering my PC. :(

Would you like me to leave the link to my Web Speccy report here?

There are no risks of putting the report publicly, right?

There are risks by posting in any forum. Folk use facebook in spite fo the warnings. So it's up to you.

If you feel it's too much risk, get repair estimates at the usual PC repair shop. No offense meant but it's like showing up at a car repair shop and you have it under a tarp and won't tell what it is or let the mechanics see the beast.

Will people be able to get into my computer and stuff if I post the report? Just want to make sure it's not a huge risk.
What are the risks?

I'll be back tomorrow. There are those that fear so much and you can't help them.
As to will they get into your PC? Only if you do something strange such as install remote control apps and such.

There is no guarantees about this but I will share it's the method we use on the CNET forums. If folk don't want to work with you, you send them to repair counters.

OK, here's a reading of that report.

  1. The CPU is 61C which can cause throttling. The CPU will drop in speed to protect itself. Later we see 63C on a core.
  2. The temp inside the computer is pretty warm at about 37C
  3. The OS is an Enterprise version so you have OS support that we would kill for. That said, I defer all OS issues back to your company.
  4. The GTX 770 is getting to over 40C without much load.
    The age of this card isn't helping either.
  5. This PC has MIXED RAM makers. This can result in nearly impossible to diagnose hangs and reboots. Remove one or the other maker and keep testing.
  6. BIOS is out of date. Can cause issues with W10. I see 1104 at the maker's site.
  7. CPU voltage is a tad low. Read https://communities.intel.com/message/156156 and others where it may need to be bumped to 1.2V
  8. HDD SMART Values 01, C5, C6 show a drive with some errors. If they remain unchanged, fine, but if they keep going up that's a bad sign. Could be caused by too much heat.
  9. Too many SVCHOST entries and IP connections. You have the Enterprise OS version so ask your support to curb this.

Overall it looks like the usual hot PC. Too hot and it reboots.

THANK YOU! I appreciate your help very much. Thank you for your time and help.

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