If you visit the Member Search page, the hamburger navigation menu top left is missing. You have to go back to the home page instead. Is this intentional?

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DaniWeb and the new DaniWeb Connect (which is actually just a slightly reskinned version of Dazah) were initially supposed to have complementary, yet distinguishable layouts. It was a very last minute design choice to include DaniWeb's purple top bar on DaniWeb Connect. In doing so, I was unable to come up with a nice way of including the left sidebar menu in DaniWeb Connect, because it already has its own left sidebar menu (which appears fixed at desktop resolutions, but actually is the exact same look and feel as the DaniWeb left sidebar menu for mobile/tablet.

Is it very confusing?

I wouldn't say it's a biggie in the scheme of things, just stands out a bit as an interface inconsistency when the navigation hamburger is available on every other page I've accessed so far.

The thing is, when you're in mobile, and you're navigating between DaniWeb and DaniWeb Connect, the hamburger menu remains, but it toggles different menus.

I just got my first look at the new site. Interesting, but now I have to learn how to do stuff all over again. First thing I noticed was that I couldn't read any content because the pending messages were pasted over top on the right hand side forcing me to view all the messages before doing anything else.

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