I've just started getting digests (are they a new initiative?) but the last one I received 3 times! Is something playing havoc with the mailing program?

Just got another one. I don't want to unsubscribe and I know that's an option. I'd just like to get a single copy.

Couldn't edit my old post so ... just received another one, that's 3 exactly an hour apart. This last one had the html all screwed up.


We have been having HUGE problems with the digests, unfortunately, I've been working on it nonstop (literally) since Monday night. The last one is all screwed up? That's terrible as that means it's the last one that went through. You got three within the past 3 hours? I'm really sorry about that! This is such a disaster. :(

Would you be able to forward them all to me at cscgal@optonline.net?

That would be much appreciated. This way I can see if I can figure out what the difference is between the one that worked and the one that is all screwed up.

Hi Dani. I have got four digests in the last two days myself :). Came home from work and there were two identical digests in my inbox.

Oddly enough, I only got the one and it was formatted properly.

Hope you've managed to get on top of the mail server woes, and more importantly managed to get some sleep for yourself!

Are you sure you didn't receive two, Davey? The first one you received back when I was having crazy problems and it was all just completely hit or miss. I think only about 15% of the people got it, and sometimes they got jibberish or a blank email. What a disaster!!

Then when I figured out all of the problems, I did a complete blast for everyone from start to finish. So you should have gotten this as well.

You are right, I did get two. Checked my mailbox again and there it was :)

All I care about is that the last one you got displayed normally.

It displayed fine, exactly as expected.

i got 3 digests and the last one displayed the HTML source instead of the content. Wierd......

Are you sure it was the LAST one? The middle one should have displayed the HTML source and the last one correctly.

maybe - emails always arrive in the wrong order for me cos my isps server is screwed

Why arent the notifications working agaian btw?
It says im subscribed but i dont get a mail when someone replies.

It's very probable that your subscription mailings are just a little slow because the server is busy processing close to 150,000 newsletters. Let me know if things don't return back to normal by tomorrow.

Yep, the backlog arrived in a couple of big dollops at my mailbox earlier today :)


the thread subsctiption emailss are exhibiting the same behavior as well as notifying me about every new post rather than just one e.g i got like 8 due to the 3 word game thread