I just purchased all the necessaries to build a new PC.

Case, Mobo, CPU, DVD Burner, 320 GB Hardrive, Video Card, all that jazz. The problem isn't the hardware, the problem is the initial install.

When I installed windows xp 64bit pro, and the mobo drivers, everything works although, i have a PCI adapter wireless network card from lynksis, i installed the drivers, the adapter doesnt work, i uninstalled, and attempted again. maybe i initially installed windows wrong. i am asking if someone can run me through how to format my computer and remove windows, then walk me through a full install so that i can get my computer to run well. thakn you

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my guess would be that the drivers aren't compatible with WinXP64, but can't say for sure...

Are you sure your network card isn't dead?

the network card is brand new, it was just bought it shouldnt be dead

I go a belkin wireless card yesterday. Refuses to work with XP SP2 or vista even with the driver. Solution i found was to find out which chipset it had and go to the chipset manufacturers site (in my case Ralink) and download thier generic driver. This worked for me, maybe for you?

the network card is brand new, it was just bought it shouldnt be dead

I wouldn't count on it, mate. Have you ever heard the term 'dead on arrival' applied to hardware? My mobo has at least 2 small problems, but they're so minor I'm not going to take the whole PC apart and leave the components lying about while ASUS takes their time about replacing it. Although motherboards seem to be most prone to being DOA from what I've heard, don't rule out the possibility that your network card's dead. Try sending it back, mate. If it's new they should give you another.

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