Hello, I'm new here. I have an HP Laptop running Windows ME. I've been having so many problems with it, the CD drive and the power source....but that's a whole other thing. Right now I'm trying to Restore to my factory settings so I inserted the Recovery disk and walked through all the prompts. After loading through 1/2 it prompted me to put in the second cd to finish. Well my cd drive works once in awhile but not all the time. When I go to try to run the second CD it doesn't recognize there is a disk in the drive so I cannot finish recovering. I've tried this 3 times now and everytime I go to put in the second disk it does this. Now when I turn my computer on it says there is no operating system...what steps should I take in restoring my computer or should I just toss it!

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You probably want to obtain a real copy of your operating system media, and download the drivers for the system on another system. If it's not reading the discs you have, you're simply out of luck...

I have a pc with that OS + It DID come with two cds to restore the operating system and after a botched download to update my own harddrive" i was able to use the recover discs to start over with my year two thousand computer+ emachine seven hundred etower> just to add as you can tell from my typing> i hit my hand on the right side shift key and my lower case numbers are not reading and the caps lock works in reverse< if at all>> has something to do with the accessibility features but i have no idea how to reverse this!! IT WARRANTS it"s own thread i know but i thought i had solved this by adjusting some of the settings in that part of the control menu>>>this is under xp but may hold true for this part of windows for the earlier OSes as well+ help appreciated ASAP!


I'm pretty sure I know what the problem with the CD drive is now. The power supply is loose inside and is not pumping enough power to work the drive long enough to go through the entire set up. I am going to send it back to HP to have them fix this problem and hopefully be able to restore my system...cross my fingers!

I just used the bookPC 20 GB HDD in my eMachine WITH the factory incl. ME Win restore myself...Just loaded it up fresh with Norton's Ghost. At original first attempt it issued the statement that ME support [IIRC] has/d expired, and my first attempt to restore it seemed to stop at that point. The last two attempts, the option to boot from CD ROM was issued following that so it worked w/o incident. My friend had suggested I could do this again, the HDD is 10GB smaller, but will allow me to run far less programs on it and maximize space and performance. You'd have to remove features manually, unlike my 98 2nd edition disc that allows picking as a custom install option, The eMachine ME version disks give the store bought desktop back.


One additional note, for my 2000 era desktop, running 200 to 1GHz processors with the 100 MHz FSB, you can run Pentium chips in a Celeron equipped board, but was informed not to go from Pentium to Celeron (which I did just to have a CPU on a particular machine while I hunted down a Pentium to use. Anyway, Good luck. I was thinking of trying a USB external drive, but was told of course, not a very good idea, for one OS's outside the computer case that are Windows based, I was informed, would not work

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