There are so many spoof programs promoting the 'best marketing strategies' that it has become more of a joke than a real help. Many things we read about make out that one person can reasonably learn what is needed to achieve success and profits on the Internet. How many have actually done this, really? Lets be honest.

From a general marketing / advertising / design background - it is blindingly obvious that to make a project work successfully, and for it to actually reach the target audience and be sustainable - many ingredients are required...or the project will be a long winded and messy affair leading nowhere and wasting a huge amount of time. Sound familiar?

We need both sides.

Create new concepts and Ideas, Fresh and Innovative
Create high-end, professional graphics, quality Websites and Navigation
Create 1st Class copy and marketing strategies.
Target the right audience for the project
Predict trends

And the technical:

Web Dev
Affiliate networks
Adsense etc. etc.

Is there anywhere that links up people with the 'techie' knowledge - to those with the 'creative / design / marketing knowledge'?

Together, this is a lethal combination - and rarely appears in the 'internet marketing' scene which is plagued with appalling design, copy and lacking original ideas?

If both are applied TOGETHER, then a very successful and serious project can be undertaken.

Where can the creative skills (such as mentioned above - which my team specilizes in) be matched to the technical skills?

Once these two areas have met and been applied to the Internet marketing, it will wipe the floor of what already exists.

Any comments appreciated as its about time we did it properly.

I am happy to give advise about the creative / design / advertsing side of things.

Wish you all the best

JAS (just another spammer)