hi all,
not real experienced with computers, mostly just learning through trial and error, have done this a few times before with the computer i made out of bits and peices for my daughter. haven't seen this before though and would greatly appreciate any help!

the problem is this : i installed a new hd as primary slave, my main hd being primary master and my cd/dvd burner as secondary master. it is picking up the new slave hd in bios, but is having troubles with picking it up properly in device manager. it installs it when i click on scan for changes, and is on the list under disk drives briefly before diassappearing. it also does not display under my computer. not sure what to do now. also not sure what info you will need concerning what types of hard drives etc, so let me know and i will post back :)

thanks in advance for any help.

you need to make sure the drive is formatted ,does it show in computer management ,disk management ,
go to start /run and type this in .
go to disk management .and see if it there .if so right click on its reference and choose format .all this is assuming the drive is new with no data stored on it yet .

it wasn't new. i gave up on it, i tried to format it but it kept coming up as damaged or umm something else i forget, and said it could not format the drive. so i'll just go with it's damaged and throw it out. after i tried formatting my master drive wouldn't start up saying the hal.dll file was missing from system32 and could not start the computer so i installed a second windowsxp to be able to get onto the net and was able to fix the problem through directions on the internet by replacing the boot.ini files. it proved to be more hassle then it was worth so i think i will keep to my original idea and go buy a new one. pity though as i am making my daughter a computer and was kinda hoping i could get it to work as the hard drive was 40 gb and all she has in hers at the moment is a 6gb. you win some you lose some! thanks for the advise though!

yeah ,win and lose,sounds about right!!