Same. They should have subforums for Word Games and Great Debates (e.g religion and politicts)

Yeah, that would be cool also.


Yea the Geek's loungs is awesome.. It's a great break from all the troubleshooting and helpn people out..


Just out of curiosity ... what is YOUR singlemost favorite DaniWeb feature?

Actually, when you get right down to it, it is the fact the you are involved on a day-to-day basis implementing suggestions, handling issues, seeking creative solutions, etc.

I win some, I lose some; you do things I enjoy, you do things I despise. But overall it stays fresh.

I still have many an ongoing thought or two about this should be that. But oh well.

So without trying to sound too sappy, I think you Dani are DaniWeb's best feature.

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You'll make a bloody good obituary writer.
Aww, *tear* Thank you!

I meant it to mean that Dave and I have had our disagreements over the years, but it means a lot to know that he really does respect what I do.



Dani web's members including the admin(s) .. extreamly helpful mashallah ..

:?: iamthwee's replies :-O totally different, this guy is SO FUNNY! :sweat:

Chaky, WolfPack, ~s.o.s~ .......... :cool: Can't list them all ..

:idea: and I guess i am in love with the new smilies!

Daniweb is a great site from all aspects, almost perfect, thats it ;)

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...looking at your posts reminds me there is still happiness in this world.
nice smilies ;)

Walt is a nice guy too. So is dcc, christina, sk8 and joshsch. They all deserve a mention if we are naming nice people

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Thanks for remembering my kindness whilst I was banned lol :)
arjunsasidharan is wrong, :) and you are really nice.
well sulley boo is rite.. U r kind.. but for the rest that you mentioned you should reconsider ;)
You are the nicest member in here (F) =D

Why this chat people have to always get of topic, they should be banned all...
just joking ;)

What I like is the mood of this forum and people. Variety of topics


Hi Dani ! nice to meet you again.

Homepage is better but there's no faster access to forum like it was on previous homepage. And most annoying thing is Ads which sometimes causes errors on page while loading. In last i say about professional look like a hightech site (a little bit change in graphics and colours).
I hope it happens.......


for me,, it has to be the layout of the website, interface, style and how if you want an answer to question there are hundreds of intelligent people to answer it for you so quickly!!!


The whole thing. I am a new member and I am learning so much just from browsing through all of the forums, blogs and comments. Thanks Daniweb!

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