*Cough* don't mind the intermittent downtime earlier today.

Umm, yeah. :)

Umm, yeah. :)

:) its been perfect for me since i arrived back from vacation - no slowness at all

well done to dani and the rest of the team, keep up the good work !

commented: i am not against vacatons... so here you go... +3
commented: "vacation" I shalt have none of these americanisms! btw welcome back:) -2

"vacation" I shalt have none of these americanisms! btw welcome back:)

hehe i know i used the phrase "holiday" a while back and some people thaught i meant christmas or something? so i was trying to cause as little confusion as possible for our foreign friends :)

The Verizon ads are gone, and most of my control is back.

doubleclick.com has had a long reputation of oversubscribing its service, going back to at least 1999. I know of at least a dozen websites that kicked them off their pages in the span of 2000 to 2002, because they were chronically causing load delays and load failures.

Yup, I know there used to be problems with DoubleClick a couple of years ago, but those have since been resolved in the latest year or so. In any case, it appears the Verizon ads weren't being served by DoubleClick anyways. No matter how much you want to blame it on DBCLK, they're not the problem, I promise you.

I didn't say they were served by doubleclick. I was using my former trials with doubleclick as an example.

And if doubleclick has really resolved its problems, so much the better.

I have nothing against advertising, except when it makes everything else quit working (including my vision).

Yay, at last the problem is fixed! That i found of course :)

I haven't had any trouble in several days now.

You broke all of the mistakes!