Since there aren't any posts here, I'll start. What do you guys think about google making a phone?

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well sounds to me as a good idea, and google might be onto gPhone

I am inclined to think 'what is the point?' and 'why don't they stick to what they do best?' to be honest.

The fact that a phone has Google branding makes not one jot of difference to me, I can search Google from my current mobile phone perfectly adequately, thanks. :)


haven't you heard the rumors though? free or cheap smart phone with free service? that sounds very good to me. in fact, they could put out of business all the phone companies.

google phone??

for what?
googling? :D

That's another way of Google peeking into people's privacy. First they "had to know" what do you look for on the net, but now they want to know who are you talking to...

CIA will not tolerate this.

NO, you're getting it all wrong. Google could care less who you talk to. This another "feature" that google is using to get rich off advertising. This will be a good thing for people who can't afford a phone, or for basically any one that doesn't want to pay for service anymore.

Well, I f google comes up with a free service for masses like the once mentioned by TheNNS, then that would be really gr8.

I would rather pay money than be spammed by ads on a hourly basis. I imagine that free phone would come with "buy this... buy that..." bombardment.

Lol youd get intellisense on your text messages/emails i bet

MS should make a phone. It would rock. Blow apple away. They already have the OS.

I can already hear it.... Intellisten, a technology that listens to your conversation and cuts in it with advertising messages, regarding the words you spoke.

haha :)

seriously though, it would be easy for MS to make a phone. I mean, what does the iPhone have? music, web?

Win CE has all that + more.

You guys are not thinking strait. If google made a phone that was supported by advertising, it would be minimal. Sound advertising would not be part of if because no one would like that. Even if the phone isn't free, the service will be, because google will by the 700MHz broadband spectrum which they'll use and become a phone provider. I agree with binoj_daniel on Surface. It's incredible how they managed to create that amazing technology. It's original and looks very promising. I don't think apple will beat that.

jbennet, MS making a phone might not be a good idea. windows ce is buggy and crashes often.

Why do we need all these companies making phones?!?
I mean we have enough ruddy choice as it is, why do we need more? I happy with my old phone, but this is getting crazy, soon the phones will be like cheaper PDA's, seeing as most of them surf the net and have a calender of sorts, i mean, what is the point?
In my opinion they have no purpose, a phone should be for calling and texting, not ruddy checking msn and your e-mail inbox, that is not the purpose the mobile phone was built for.

jbennet, MS making a phone might not be a good idea. windows ce is buggy and crashes often.

Personally i dont think its that bad. Ive got a palm T|X and a PocketPC 2003 device (Toshiba e750) and CE seems to crash no more than my XP pc (max twice a day, sometimes its fine for a week) but thats nearly always down to third party software. The OS itself is very stable

The B.O.D is the worst thing about Microsoft OS. I hate that personally. Its really annoying.

In my experience the BSOD isnt MS's falt. 99% of the time tis bad 3rd party drivers. Have never had a vista BSOD yet.

well, it doesn't happen on Mac.

I have used a mac twice in my life. It crashed twice.

First time the little spinny thing just went around forever on startup and the second time it just froze when doing apple update

100% failure rate for me, maybe the macs just dont like me :(

Well you have said many bad things about apple in the past, but the iPod's suck in my opinion, that's why i went to creative for my Music player (£30 cheaper for the same amount of storage!) iPods have a huge mark-up price. So if the iPhone does make it to a shelf near me, i am stearing well clear.

I don't think that Nokia, Sony-Errikson, Motorola, Vodafone and other phone companies and service providers will be too happy with it. I think that there is going to be a major war between current phone companies and phone-wannabees.

So true Chaky, it is going to lead to a full scale price and product war, who can get the lowest price for the newest phone.

I got mine free... doesn't get any cheaper than this. I got it from service provider. All I pay is monthly bill. Only bad thing for me is that I signed 2 year contract, so I am obliged to pay until feb 2008.
Apple and google will have to do something really radical to take over the market.

It could get cheaper, the company pays you to take away the phone!
but i just can't see people googling on their phone, i don't need to be permanantly attached to my phone using the net on it, i have a computer for that purpose, in my life it would be pointless.

In that case I would "buy" dozens of phones on a daily basis.
Googling on the phone... I can do that (but I never do) without buying gadgets from Google. C'mon ppl, it is a search engine, not a fashion statement.

you're all missing the point. the point is that google will provide FREE phone service FREE. You can't beat FREE phone service. This is just another opportunity for google to get richer and help people at the same time.

Everything is driven by tactical markerting, there is always a catch to free service, No company is so generous to provide free service without an intelligent profit making plan.

If it comes to that, there will be a war, in a sense of hostile takeovers and such. They will rather buy Google shares and take over control to stop that free service than to go bankrupt for loosing all of clients.

Like the 'free' braodband service that "Talk Talk" introduced in the UK. No catches apparently but the costs were made up else where in the phone bills! Nothing is ever 'Free'.

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