Hi all, hope you are well. I have noticed a LOT of members here seem to be interested in anime/manga. I too have an interest in anime and would like to share my three favourites with you.

1 - Ghost in the Shell SAC 1 & 2
2 - Cowboy Bebop
3 - Spirited away (c'mon you know its great!)

Does anybody else want to share their top 3's?

1) Sailor Moon (for sentimental reasons)
2) Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuutsu
3) Tenshi na Konamaiki

1) my hime
2) Death note
3) Vampire Hunter D

I can't narrow it down to 3. But Hellsing was in there somewhere.

Cool nice lists there you all. Has anyone seen "Elfen Lied"? hearing some positive things about it but have not seen it...

I dont know if it can be classified as anime or not, but I like Avatar.

I am not familiar with Avatar, will do a google for it now.

Elfen Lied I thought was really good. A lot of gore and lots of sillyness. Not a top three spot in my book, maybe a top ten. If there was a forth spot it would have to go to Fate Stay Night.

Cool, thanks for the input madduckyduck :) I am relatively new (ish) to anime (into it for about 8 months )so an aspect of this thread was to get some recommendations for rentals. I agree vampire hunter D is a great film, very atmospheric and quite gritty. I might check out some of the ones you and Narue mentioned but a lot of these films are quite rare so it might not be that easy to rent them (I live in UK). Any ideas where I could (legally) get hold of some without shelling out £15 odd for a DVD I might not like. I heard that some anime was available for free (and more importantly legally) as a download for promotional purposes, any pointers on that?

> I heard that some anime was available for free (and more importantly legally) as a download for promotional purposes
You can download fansubbed anime, and if it hasn't been licensed for sale in your language/country then it's only illegal in the "we won't come and get you" kind of way. ;) Edward likes http://www.animesuki.com/ because they're good about keeping up with the licensing. It's frustrating when you're part way through a series and it gets licensed though. Then you have to wait for the retail version to get to where you were, or start getting really illegal by following a licensed anime.

Ok thanks for the information there Radical Edward. Like the screename and avatar! what is your avatar? Is it Bebop?

Also another real good one I like is Ninja scrolls (the movie) and then the series which takes place after the movie.

> what is your avatar? Is it Bebop?
Yes sir. :) It's not hard to guess what one of Ed's favorite anime is.

Lol not hard at all to guess. Bebop is ace, want to get hold of the boxed sets myself but the price is a little steep at present (trying to save for holiday lol). Love the movie though!

I am surprised that I haven't heard Akira mentioned yet.....Seems to be a very popular one (although I did not LOVE it). What do you think of Akira ?

>What do you think of Akira ?
It's a cult classic, but I never figured out why.

I am not a huge fan either, although it is okay. I know I might be slated for this but I like a lot of the studio ghibli productions. I think they are immersive and well made plus they often have a great storyline (depends on which movie lol).

1. Bleach
2. Naruto
3. Dragonball Z (if it counts)

>2. Naruto
In my experience, people who have Naruto in their top 10 haven't seen many good anime. ;)

>3. Dragonball Z (if it counts)
It counts. I would say any anime that originated in Japan or any cartoon that has a noticeable anime influence (ex. Avatar or Code Lyoko) counts.

1) Cowboy Bebop (seems popular with the CS / IT crowd)

2) Full Metal Panic (not because it stands out as a great anime but every time I watch it it makes me laugh so hard my sides hurt)

3) Ghost in the Shell SAC1 (haven't seen 2 yet but it's on my list)

Aah Major Major, GITSAC 2 is even better my friend!

I'll have to watch it and give feedback then.

A tough question, it's like deciding which of your kids you like the most. ;-)

A few I can think of right now:
• Canvas II
• Shakugan no Shana

Also another real good one I like is Ninja scrolls (the movie) and then the series which takes place after the movie.

Dang - I was just going to add Ninja Scrolls -- I loved it; along with ghost in the machine and Spirited Away. I don't get to see a lot of them cuz DH does not really like anime yet she loves samurai film like Zatoichi (go figure). We have almost the complete set of the old style and also the new one.

This is a bit late for answering but I am surprised that no one mentioned anything like Gundam Zeta or Yamato. Well if you want to hear it from someone who has seen a lot then here it is:

Yamato Season 2 (Unfortunately in the US known as Starblazers)
Neon Genesis Evangellion
Death Note
Robotech: The Macross Saga.

Lock the Superman
Nausicca and the Valley of the Winds
Vampire Hunter D : Bloodlust.
Perfect Blue

You guys don't know what's an anime
1.One Piece
3.Fairy Tail
4.Naruto or Bleach
5.Code geass or Death note or Fruits basket or Maid sama or Prince of Tennis or Slam dunk or Vampire knight

You guys don't know what's an anime

There is nothing wrong with having ones own preferences. BTW, there are many other *better* anime out there apart from the mainstream ones you mentioned.

1.) naruto
2.) naruto
3.) naruto

There's load of good anime out there, okay top three (in no particular order):

1) Ghost In The Shell
2) Patlabor
3) Armitage The Third (or Armitage III)