A Better Way to Watch Movies on XBox360 or PS3?

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These days, video game consoles aren't just for video games anymore. There's a CD, DVD and Blu-Ray player, internet, Twitter, Facebook, chat and more. But don't you wish you could watch MOVIES? Oh, wait, you can. Think the way you watch movies on your console is good enough? One company challenges consumers to think again.

FlicStick Corp announced today that they will be releasing their patent pending "FlicStick Movie System." For me, that name means slapping obnoxious people with a ruler when they talk during my movie. For you, that could mean a new way to watch your favorite flicks. With a tentative date of of October 1, 2010, the company hopes to revolutionize and simplify the ability to watch movies on your video game consoles.

With Netflix, Zune and free websites like http://movies.d-gu.com , watching movies on your XBox360 or PS3 has not exactly been impossible. At first glace, the FlicStick looks like a green USB card and nothing more. However, their press release claims that their product will simplify the entire movie download process. FlicStick says they will offer a Live Movie Guide, allegedly faster downloads and the ability to channel high quality content to your favorite box o' fun. Simply insert the USB device into your PC, download the movie onto it, then stick that USB into your PS3 or XBox360 to watch your movie.

The company also hopes to reach out to independent filmmakers to use FlicStick as a means to showcase their work. "We are initially targeting the Independent movie industry," says President Ken Tetterington. "The FlicStick is the perfect liaison between consumers and independent distributors. With this initial press release we are reaching out to the many distributors of independent film content."

No word yet on how much this little green system will cost, but discounts are being offered for those who pre-order at http://FlicStick.com .

Speaking of movies, you can watch a short video about this product like so:

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Well, this is a nice way to stream movies online. I also love to watch movies. I will definitely try this one.

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There is a CD-ROM, DVD and Blu-ray, and the Internet, both of the same thing, PS3 is the cheapest. All you have to do know.For depth, keep reading. Both 360 and PS3 are the same price at the outset, without additions, remember that.

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