Does anybody know/remember me? I'm the one that posted a thread asking for help with two articles. John A had to remove my thread because I sort of goofed and didn't do it right, and then I apologized, and he put it back, but he moved it somewhere else. Unfortunately, I can't remember where he moved it to!

I will confess up front that I am NOT a geek! I am about as computer-ILLITERATE as they come. BUT, I do like to learn new stuff, and writing articles like I do really adds to my knowledge.

But, I can't write these articles until/unless I can find somebody that can answer some questions for me! Can anyone help? Am I even in the right place?

click "control panel". It should be in your list of subscribed threads.

Uh, and I would find that where? (I TOLD you I was computer illiterate!)

Uh, and I would find that where? (I TOLD you I was computer illiterate!)

Log in, then look at the very top of the page. Control Panel is to the left of "Subscription Spy". Within "Control Panel", "New Subscribed Threads" is towards the top of the page in the large middle column.

Me, too. But, "Reader's Digest" version, I am a major computer illiterate freelance writer looking for some help with two articles--one on software development, the other on project planning/cost estimation as it concerns software development. Can you help me, or do you know someone who can? I'm on a really, really tight deadline here, so a super-quick reply would be SO appreciated!


Google for programming blogs there's acres of material.

Steve Yegge / Joel spolskey and Jeff Atwood are some of my favourites.

They link prolifically to loads of good stuff.

Also reddit and slashdot are hot IT sites.