Hi everyone, I want to make a website that would nave a verified through email members with their photos and profiles to view by verified members (just like on this site) according to their profile they would be automatically going in different lists like people NY, VA, MA would be in different lists, posting thread, replying, ability for members download pictures on website for viewing. I have dremweaver 4, but I don't think it can do it. Does anyone know if dreamweaver MX would be capable of creating website like that?

Appreciate any replies.

dreamweaver cant create this stuff you should not rely on wat dreamweaver can do. use vbulletin which is wat this is, but it cost some money.

Hi all,
I'm creating a site and I must say it's going pretty well but I got a problem and I was hoping u guys could help me since all know a lot about sites and stuff :)
It's a gaming-site and the only thing I still need to do is the forum... but I don't have a single idea how I need to create one.... I've made the site in MX Dreamweaver till now...
What program do u guys think I need to use to create a nice forum? I don't know that much about site-creating and others so is there a program easy to handle to create forums??? Or maybe i need to use messageboards? I really don't know anymore.. so pls help !!!



I don't know if DM MX can create forum, but you can go to hotscripts.com click on php and find a lot of free forums you can download in any directory on your website. I would recomend forum PHPBB, but you can use any. If your website provide you a cpanel, then you can click on Fantastico and you can find there not only forums, you will be amazed how many free forums, blogs, shopping cards e.t.c. you can find there.

Ow.. i see, but i've already had the advice to use phpbb a few times this weeks, but thx anyway :) So i downloaded it at www.phpbb.com... But how do I need to install it ??? I extracted it in a folder /forums, now what do I need to do ???

this link should help you


There is some requirements for installing phpbb, I would suggest you to read.

My installation was easer, my hosting service provided me a cpanel wich comes with fantastico. I thought all the webhosting providers have a cpanel, if your do, then click on fantastico and you will find phpbb there, click on it and then click on installation... and you all set.

What hosting company do you use Erik?

I use hostgator

dreamweaver is just an editor which would help you to code a programming language...
kindly dont rely on dreamweaver for such kind of development stuff....
what is your server script?
r u using php/coldfusion/asp/jsp?