hi ive been using free advertising for quite a while now and am starting to see some good results with my search engine rankings. does anyone else here use free advertising?

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What do you mean by free advertising????

It is a large statement to make since there are many methods of advertising for free.

What Methods do you use???

What do you mean by free advertising????

It is a large statement to make since there are many methods of advertising for free.

What Methods do you use???

well i use free directories, free viral marketing, link exchange, classifieds, free articles.
as many different types of free advertising i can get my hands on. im trying to build a list of 100,000 places to advertise for free

Viral marketing rules :) You need a gimmick though ... you really do.

It Does indeed. I have tried many different types now and am reeping the rewards. some may be a bit slow to start with like ones based on downlines but if you can build it up for a while the free traffic floods in

Sound nice, it will help to ppl who start their business with very low budget.

alot of people say its not free advertising because of the time you spend on it but ive found some sites that can be just as effective as adwords and take the same amount of time to set up.

a gimmick:?:

I'm clueless... what's "Viral marketing?" :?:



Ahh... good ol' Wiki... thanks! :)


what is the reason to post link to your site to 500 directories (i suppose you do it manually, because in other way you can't guarantee you got there) that takes 1 day (which is far away of being real)
if you can spend $50 and buy few links on sites, that have similar topic and have even better effect?

btw, if you post everywhere the same description of your site - it will be far away of being effective. already checked that :)

I 'm also using free methods for my websites and it actually taught me a lot and now I know where I would go if I decide to invest.

But Free is not so free! It's a time investment and lot people say time is money!

I too look for a paid service in order to make some one held accountable.

I think by free Advertising he meant organic traffic from search engines ya offcourse thats free =D

but other than the convenience of having a paid service is there any difference if you do it yourself?

I was reviewing a few viral marketing service and came accross something pretty intresting called WideCircles. They seem to work by sending viral messages to various websites like forums, blogs, wiki's and so on. My friend signed up for the account the other day after running a small but successful campaign ( targeting very specific niche ) and told me about it. It seems like a nice idea to gather highly relevant traffic and help with the SEO process at the same time while paying very small amount of money compared to pay per click. In any case, I am going to give them a try today. In case you are intrested here is the site. http://widecircles.com?imt=3

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