Hello Guys,

One of the unfortunate hazards of being a webmaster is the lack of movement and activity while you actually work. This usually results in problems with your weight especially if you like eating and have a slow metabolism.

Unfortunately this has been the case for me for quite a while.

Since 2001, I have had huge weight swings going from 70 KG (155 LBS) to 120 KG (265 LBS) and then back to 80 KG (177 LBS) back in 2008 after 12 months of sports and fitness. Due to a few personal problems and lack of movement, I have gone back up to 105 KG (232 LBS) in May 2011 (loosing my fit body) however managed to drop back to 90 KG (198 LBS) in July after a strict diet.

Anyway, I added a section under my new webmaster blog called FAT TO FIT (or vice versa ) where I am going to share my experiences and pictures with my fellow webmasters in hopes that I can connect with my collegues who are having similar problems. Lets see if we can get some strength in numbers and manage to inspire webmasters around the world who are having weight problems.

Please feel free to share your experiences under this thread or under FAT TO FIT section of my blog.

Thanks in advance for all your comments.

Best Regards,

Note: I am aware that obesity does not mean being a fat ass and is actually a serious medical condition. I am just merely using a catchy line to attrack forumers attention. I do apologize in advance if it offends anyone.

Although this would be an interesting topic to discuss and follow, you're obviously copying things of your own blog here to promote it.
I won't delete this thread if you're going to add daniweb-specific content to the it, but we don't want duplicate content on Daniweb because of "google".

I went ahead and changed some of the wording used specific to daniweb. Hope this is ok now.