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I am facing problem regarding Google Webmaster Tools. It has stopped updating status after 12/01/2015. I am facing the same problem will all my sites. Is there anyone who is facing the same problem? Can anyone help me out?

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Hy SEO experts, How to analysis of term “Impressions” and “CTR” in webmaster tool. Suppose I have 1 keyword that has impression in 80, change is 1233% and CTR is 1%. After update its impression is 113, change is 495% and CTR is 0%. Please explain me.

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I have submitted some URL in google webmaster tools. But some ware wrong url.so I want remove these url. please help me how to remove these url.

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My Google Webmaster Tools is warning me regarding Unnatural Links (I have 400 or so inbound links in total, and I don't know which links are coming from bad websites and which aren't) and I wish to remove them immediately. I need help with the following: 1. Need to identify …

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hello! i'm webmaster , i'm seeking partner & friends for exchange experience , project ,..... thanks!!

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I have installed Bing Webmaster tools for my sites but it not shows any details for my sites . how many days it take for display the report for any sites.

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Hi Friends I'm using Google Webmaster tool and Google analytic tool to know the website performance and user behavior, i know the basic things to handle these both tools but i planned to learn more deeply, so friends refer me any video or PDF tutorials to learn these both tools.

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Hi I have added my new site to google webmaster tools but the most significant keywords that are appearing are ones to do with the php code used for the site, so 'array' is at the top and words included in the directory addresses appear for the rest of the …

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Hello. I want to setup Google Webmaster Tools account but don't know how to do. Please guide me that after registration what is the process and after setting up an account which are the most important things to keep in mind?

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Hello Guys, One of the unfortunate hazards of being a webmaster is the lack of movement and activity while you actually work. This usually results in problems with your weight especially if you like eating and have a slow metabolism. Unfortunately this has been the case for me for quite …

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Anyone have any experience with Soft-404 errors on non-error pages on Google webmaster? I'm getting a lot of "Soft-404 (404-like content)" crawl errors in my account. The links all actually work, but google's crawler doesn't seem to like them, which I doubt will do me many favours. The problem seem …

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hi to people who like starting with <?php and finishing with ?> I can always help your php and mysql works.when you need a help just add me to your msn and request a help [email snipped] friendship is first and the second must be helping each other. my name …

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A recent visit into Google's [URL="http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/"]Webmaster Tools [/URL]has brought a new section to my attention which I would imagine would be of much interest to SEOs: Internal and External links. The table of Internal links seems interesting - a listing of pages on your domain that have links pointing to …

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I have long been a fan of [URL="http://www.blinkx.tv"]Blinkx[/URL] the video search engine that, as far as I am concerned, pretty much prompted the whole genre and introduced the idea of live video search and stream done properly. So I was interested to receive word from Blinkx founder and CTO Suranga …

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Web Developer. Webmaster. Web Designer. What do these terms mean? Which one are you? In fact, these terms have been used and misused so much that they are in danger of losing any distinct meaning. This article attempts to define and defend these labels and their meanings. "Webmaster" in particular …

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