Hey guys just wanting to get an idea of peoples opinions on Open-Source software as i know many people have very different opinions.

The sort of thing im looking for is:

Advantages for your personal use
Disadvantages for your personal use
Whether you agree with Open-Source
If you ever use Open-Source (if so what sort of things do you use it for and why use open source instead of close system)

Think this could be an interesting topic. All replies welcome.

Thanks guys


I'm my experience open source is good for a couple of reasons

1. You are able to tweak the source code of whatever application to suite your needs.
2. programs what are open source are usually more stable since a whole host of people (Global) are working on it.
3. There is a lot of support with open source software.
4. free :P

I've only really experienced one bad thing about OP software is that, documentation is not really that good.

Yeah those are some good reasons for Open Source. I especially like the 4th reason :p