Hey guys, jackbauer24 here. I am about to finish Final Fantasy 10. I really liked the way we fight(commands), how we upgrade(sphere grid) and most importantly the storyline. I live in India. Could you recommend another Final Fantasy game? My requirements are:-

1.These are the minimum graphics ie- I don't want graphics lower than this. The graphics weren't too bad in the game.(Guess then only the next versions will do like ff11 and so on.)
2.The method of fighting should be same ie-I don't want Prince of Persia style fighting.
3.(Optional, good if it is there)-An upgrade system.
4.A good storyline.
5. It should be available easily in my city.
6. PS2 (no other console).

Please do not answer uselessly if you do not know.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Though Question. The only FF games available for PS2 are X, X-2 and 12. Your second condition rules out Final Fantasy 12, so the only one left is X-2, whose storyline continues X's, but sucks. There are no summons, only three characters, and the gameplay is basically a bunch of minigames an an occasional good fight.

I suggest you try other PS2 RPGs. For example, the Shadow Hearts series has an excellent storyline and the fighting system uses commands, yet is very innovative.

The Wild Arms series also has commands and summons. There are 4 entries for PS2 (WA 3, 4, and 5). Their storilines have nothing to envy FF and the graphics (specially in 4 and 5) are pretty good.

Another good series is Mana Khemia/Atelier Iris. These have retro graphics (use youtube) but a very interesting gameplay for an RPG. The battle system is command oriented but it's awesome.

But I saw on youtube that you issue comands and they charge up and you can keep moving all the while?

Uuuhh? What game are you talking about? In Wild Arms 3 they move a lot on their own, but it has no efect on the battle per se. You don't move the characters, they just relocate on their own. In Shadow Hearts 2 and 3, they also relocate, or rather stay in one point after the attack instead of comming back to a particular area, but it's also command based, you don't move anyone around.

Again, what game are you referring to?