I'm planning on building a new desktop probably in about a couple of months or so. I haven't been as updated with the newer parts and technologies as I was a few years ago due to changes in priorities (haven't lost love for computers though). I need suggestions on what specs would suit my needs as indicated below.

- Everyday browsing, facebook and probably some youtube streams for my daughter. I would also need it to be able to handle some newer games that might come out in the next year or so. So far I only play World of Tanks and some World of Warcraft every now and then. But generally, something that can handle games like the abovementioned.

- I will most definitely run Windows 8 Pro and I hope all the games are compatible.
- I'm not sure whether to get an Intel (i7 preferably) or an AMD CPU. I am currently more inclined to getting an AMD simply because of the gaming capacity.
- What motherboard brands are reliable?
- Amount of RAM?
- Graphics adapter that would work on most games?

- Would a touchscreen monitor (to maximize win8) make any sense or would it just be a waste of money?

Any suggestions or comments would be highly appreciated.

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My two cents:

  • I would get an Intel. I haven't heard great things about AMD in quite a number of years.
  • A touchscreen for Windows 8 is amazing for tablets, but unnecessary for a desktop gaming PC.

Gotcha.. I tried a touchscreen Desktop running Win8 at work and it's quite entertaining but that's about it, just entertaining. I'm currently looking at a 6-core AMD processor and I heard that it's quite good for gaming too. I just need other users' feedback on it based on their first-hand experience.

You said you were building this in a couple of months so if you are still planning on building this PC, here's a few pointers. I have the AMD 6100 six core and it flys with an SSD to go with it, i also have the radeon 7770 club edition, It's a great PC and I recommend these two components especially. Asus's motherboards are reliable and if you want speed without an SSD it might be worth looking at raid configurations for speed. E.g. Raid 0, or 10 for speed. If you are not an experianced PC builder get yourself a full sized case as this will hold more hardware and make it easier to work on. Grab yourself some 8GB crosair RAM, it's fast and 8gb is enough for everything (apart from lots of rendering). Hope this helps, Mat.

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