Hi forum, I was not really sure where to post this topic, but I need help in deciding what to do with my education. As of right now, I am finishing my associate's degree in computer science, and I decided that I wanted to transfer this degree into a game and simulation degree from DeVry University. Now, I just talked to my professor and he says I should just go for my bachelor's in computer science rather than a gaming degree because he would be worried that I might have trouble finding a job in that field. Then again, I am not sure. I know I love programming, but what should I go for with it? Opinions are appreciated! :)

I personally would go with computer science for a few reasons. Firstly, I'd rather code than design. I think a computer science degree would still allow you to get a job involving video games while not limiting you to only video games. Also, I've had some friends and aquaintences that have done game degrees and came out of it not being able to get a job and wishing they'd gone with computer science.

Well, you can be a game programmer if wanted to but if you like game design than there is nothing wrong with following your dream. I personally rather be a computer scientist or a game programmer than game design.

game and simulation degree from DeVry University

Sounds like a scam to me (in fact, DeVry, in particular, have been in and out of courtrooms for years for scam-like behavior). Stay away from these for-profit colleges. When they boast numbers like 90% employment in "related" fields after graduation, it may seem high, but it is actually not more than what a high-school degree will get you (when you talk of about 5-10% unemployment in high-school graduates... you do the math!). They take your money and give you very little in return. The quality of the profs is dubious at best. And if I were in a management position and saw a title like that "game and simulation degree from DeVry University", I would be very skeptical, and would probably just move on to the next CV in the pile. People who hire generally know the schools and universities that are established and are known to produce good graduates (which are not necessarily the more expensive places). I'm pointing this out because it does matter. And also, a degree title like "B.Sc. in Computer Science" is something people know, understand, and expect to be genuine (and up to a good university standard).

I think your prof has given you sound advice. Go in computer science, and cultivate your interest in game programming by making course projects and extra-curricular projects within that field. Remember that having a genuine degree and good grades only gets the potential employer to keep on reading your CV (instead of moving on), it is what he/she finds after that, e.g., projects, experiences, internships, skills, interests, etc., that will get you an interview and eventually a good job in the field that you like.

It's probably too late for the OP, but for any google searchers out there, definitely don't get a game design degree from DeVry, or anything from DeVry. There's a whole community college system and state college system out there that's much cheaper and much better for you.