What is your Favourite Hack/Programming movie ?

I really don't know any movie like that other than social network...

Yeah i guess matrix counts... or how about gamer... not sure if that counts

dunno ... the original Tron, maybe?

"Hackers" is funny.

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I have to agree with pritaeas. Hackers was a movie I could watch over and over. Stellar cast, just the right touch of humour, and a cameo by James Earl Jones.

"Swordfish" has a nice scene of a programmer in/out of the zone.

One of my problems with movies and hacking is the fancy graphics that appear on the screen while the hack is in progress as if the figurative "tunneling" must also correspond with an animation of physical tunneling.

"Antitrust" wasn't too bad either. But "Hackers" is the classic.

Thanks to you guys, I'm will make it sure that I see "Hackers".

What is your Favourite Hack/Programming movie ?

Hackers. It's just so over the top that I end up laughing and enjoying myself rather than raging at the idiocy. Oh, and boobies. ;)

Sandra bullock in The Net...

Although I can't quite remember what the plot was. Oh obviously the matrix, I've watched that countless number of times.

I've not see hackers, think I might check it out online.

Boobies? In Hackers? I was thinking of the wrong movie. I meant Sneakers. Robert Redford, Dan Aykroyd, David Strathairn, Syndey Poitier, Ben Kingsley. Senior Moment obviously. The James Earl Jones comment should have given it away.

Boobies? In Hackers?

Yup. Brief, but memorable enough for a kid in the 90s.

I meant Sneakers.

That's a good one too. I was trying to remember where James Earl Jones was in Hackers. :D

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What about Existenz?

It was directed by David Cronenberg. It was very good movie.

well ... if SwordFish applies, then I have to say the "uber-l33t" hacker in the first Transformers movie was kinda fun (especially when being questioned by the FBI :D )

Has to be Hackers, for a rather strange reason: I could have been in it, but wasn't for the geekiest of reasons.

I used to belong to a casting/extras agency when I was a very punky looking wheelchair user, and ended up in various movies as a result (my favourite being the Stallone Judge Dredd flop). So, I get this call asking if I could be at a certain location in London to shoot a part in this movie called Hackers. I turned it down because, get this, I was going to a game developer conference that day and didn't want to miss it.

So, the hacker guy in the wheelchair in the cafe towards the start of the movie... that could have been me. But wasn't.

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If you like those movies, you should see "Pi", "One point O", "Thirteenth floor" and "Avalon".

The IT Crowd. It's not actually a movie but a sitcome, but it's hilarious.

as long as you stick to the original UK version, that is. the American remake was so bad, it wasn't even aired, but I've seen either the entire pilot or a part of it online.
the only decent thing about it was the Moss character (which was played by, who could gues s.. Richard Ayoade, who plays Moss in the original series).

take a brilliant UK series, with that typical Brittish humour, and have some Americans play it over, just quoting the exact same lines, with the exact same poses ....
terrible failure that was.

But matrix is the movie that some how associated flurocent green color text with black background with Hackers/programmers. What do you guys say ? :-)

Have seen 'Pi', but for some reason or the other couldnt understand its theme :-(

What do you guys say ?

I worked on those old machines that had that (way, way before the Matrix), and the lovely orange coloured ones. So I don't think the movie made that association, perhaps only for the young ones ;)

The orange gas plasma screens were my favourite, I had a Compaq 'portable' (well, luggable more realistically) 80286 with one. I also recall with some fondness my Amstrad PCW 8512 running C/PM on a black screen with green text. Happy days.

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Yes - I saw it and it was bit boring

"One point O"

No - I didn't see that movie

"Thirteenth floor"

Yes - I saw that movie. It was OK.


Yes - I saw that movie. It fairly good.

It seems to me you watch a lot of movies!

It seems to me you watch a lot of movies!