I took my GCSE exam paper today and i think i did well apart from one question. The question was:

A games website are thinking of setting up a cummunity centre.

Discuss the implications of them doing so.

Some of my freinds put something about legal and cyber bullying stuff, but i put about needing more powerful servers to manage the traffic & it will bring more people to the games website.

What's your opinion on it? The question was worth 9 marks.

I think both answers are right but that's just my own two cents. As with any short answer though, as long as you cover the key points (and I think you did) and then fill the answer with a bit of fluff-n-stuff, you should get the 9 marks or at least close to it.

Thanks stuugie :), I just wanted another person's opinion really as i'm going for an A In all my ICT's and computer science. As the test was out of 60 I was abit worried about this question. I guess I just need to hope I get it right!:)

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9 marks should cover quite a few topics, so could be both. I'd be more inclined to go with the security side of things though. Moderation of comments / spam blockers, authentication / registration issues. User details protection.

I'd say that the question setter needs marks deducting for thinking that 'a games website' is plural. I'm not even going down the road of what a 'cummunity centre' might involve...

Seriously though, were I marking that I'd be more impressed by someone thinking about the legal and security side of things rather than just looking at server specs. After all, the question specifically asked about the implications of implementing it rather than the tech required to do so.

For 9 marks I would be looking for all of security issues, server traffic (and the intersection - dealing with spam), legal issues, moderation/bullying, and cybercrime. But that is a really vague question so I don't their your answer is wrong it just might not be the full answer they are looking for.

Just for anyone still wandering, I got my results today.. I got 59/60 on the test so my answer must of been ok :)

Congrats on that, that's a very good score!