Alright, first I would like to apologize in advance that it is late and I'm tiered, and therefor might make some mistakes or word things weird.

Alright. So I have an old laptop computer from the late 80's that only has a dialup modem on it, no LAN (although it does have some card bus slots, and I know that is a simpler alternative.. but anyways-)

I would like to know if there is some type of method to use the dial-up through the LAN, either by emulation or some form of external hardware. Or to connect it to another laptop of mine through the phone line on it, and some how bridge the connection that way. (It has wireless internet and can connection to a LAN connection as well)

I'm running FreeBSD 5.5 on the old laptop, and Windows XP SP2 on the newer laptop. I am able to install and run Windows 95 on the old laptop if need be.

I've done some searching and there is just to much stuff to do with Dial-Up for me to really sift through what I need to pay attention to or not. But from what I've concluded it either isn't possible (or would cost me) But I've decided to post here just in case I'm wrong.

If a thread such as this exists, or I am posting in the wrong section I'm sorry. I've looked around and couldn't find it. As well as couldn't think of a better section for this to fall under.

Thanks in advanced to anyone that helps or tries to help, even if its telling me its not possible or so on, because it'll save me time and what not. =)

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if i understand correctly you want to use your lan connection using a dial up modem......surely there must be a way but if you want it for internet connection just try to find a usb lan adapter....if you can't find one there is always a way to connect 2 computers via a special usb cable.....and you can have access to the LAN via the other computer......The same cable i think exists in pararel connectors too......

You're really better off putting a networking adapter into one of the cardbus slots, their cheap on ebay. But I know projects like these are for the fun of it more often than the practicality so here goes...

If this really is from the late 80's your in bad shape. The oldest laptops I've ever handled were mid 90's and would barely be capable to do anything worthwhile through a network.

I've run networking over phone line before, but it uses special adapters on either end. I would assume that if you could emulate something your connection speed would be limited to 56k (probably 28.8 or 14.4 on an older laptop).

If a USB ethernet or wireless adapter is an option, just use that, if not you could try a serial "null-modem" connection between two computers and share the data that way.

If you're just trying to get this computer on the network for print sharing, network shares, ect,... you could dial-out and then use VPN to create a virtual network, but that would tie up a phone line and leave you with the limited speed.

Thank you for your replies. After a little research I believe a Null Modem may indeed satisfy the needs I'm looking for. Also, looking it up, it seems the laptop is from the mid 90's as well. I was told several times it was from 1989, but the person that told me must have been exaggerating or ill informed as well. It is incredible to me how far computers have come in such a short amount of time. It has no USB ports, so connecting two computers that way is out of the question. I'm still looking into emulating a modem, and suppose I will post back if I find anything out (for future reference) For now I'll look more into how I would do a null modem connection. Once again, thank you both for your help.

concerned this program?

concerned this program?

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