So, what are you guys going to expect from apple on the 10th. I think it may fail to meet our desires. So far, the only thing really happening is a new name for a phone (2 phones) and software features that we don't need. I personally think apple has lost (thanks to Tim Cook) the battle against its competitors so far (when it comes to inovation).

I can garuntee that Tim Cook is just going to say, "We have created a completely revolutionary device that..."

So, what are you guys expecting? Failure or success?

The improved camera and the fingerprint sensor sound interesting.

Fingerprint sensor is going to make it hard for people to spy on their significant others ;) Or for parents to see what their tweens/teens are up to.

I like the introduction of biometrics, but I heard the phrase "incredible new colours" used at the unveiling. Whoop-di-freakin'-do. New colours, ok. But incredible??? Talk about marketing overkill. I only hope the new colours can manage to live up to the hype.

I've heard the phrase "with its new colors, Apple is redefining what an iPhone can be".... that smells of desparation and of extremely complacent "critics". I mean, Apple is, of course, legendary for over-hyping minor things as being revolutionary breakthroughs and paradigm shifts, but this takes it to a whole new level. Marketing is, of course, Apple's biggest strength (only strength?) and will go done in history as a company that truly revolutionized marketing strategies, but I think they have lost too much momentum and are starting to stretch things very thin.

<M/> do you have a link?

Well the keynote was well... you know, okay. Nothing too impressive but i will consider getting the 5c (not that much different from 5s and won't shatter as easily). I was expecting this to happen with the presentation: