Well, I am starting to get bored with my current rotation and want to update my collection. I like weird music and I am especiall fond of German Industrial like Rammstein, Kraftwerk, and Einst├╝rzende Neubauten - at least for industrial I also like California Guitar Trio (can you tell the 3rd guy is shy? - note that each guy is playing every 3rd note) and lady sovereign. Can you say 'eclectic'?

For something different try Ray Lynch. I recommend

  1. Nothing Above My Shoulders But the Evening
  2. No Blue Thing
  3. Deep Breakfast

Why not get spotify/pandora and listen to their radio. They got a decent collection (i use spotify)

Yeah, Rammstein and Kraftwerk, top!
Ever tried this?
From their album "In the court of the Crimson King", one of my all time favorites.
In a way, a rather prophetic song I guess.

commented: Absolutely! +0

OMG you guys are the tops - not only the suggestions but the links to other stuff.

ddanbe - How could I have forgotten King Crimson! They (along with Moody Blues, Pink Floyd and Frank Zappa) got me through some rough trips back in the 70s. I could get drunk at keggers and sing all of "Help I am a Rock" - but I don't think the drunks appreciated my virtuosity!. At one of the keggers I invented the "double inverted" moon (I used to be a performance gymnist) - back to back, drop trou, lock arms, and one person bends at the waist lifting the other onto his back and he lifts his legs - double inverted.

<M/> I need to have complete control of what I hear - I suppose I could listen for new and interesting stuff but when I put on my cans and step out - I gotta have my mood. Have you checked out "GlobalVortexRadio"? They do a lot of ambient AND they accept submission; if you want to get a half hour or hour on the air, check them out. But keep in mind thay prefer ambient to house. sample - what I like about the vid is that you can actually see what a DJ does and how it affects what you hear. The records you see him working are actually blank and are linked to files on his laptop

RJ - I really like "Here and Never Found" - I will take some time later to work my way through the links.

M2k17 - Coeur de pirate:the end - that smile, those tattoos, the ending.
Wood and wires Session!!!!
The Frankie Yankovic polka was good but I wish the vid had them actually doing the polka - it would have lifted it from common to exceptional (you ain't seen nothing til you watch a roomful of large people polkaing especially when they have been dancing their entire lives).

You should also check this from a group called "Air" their album "Moon Safari" is very good.

The Frankie Yankovic polka was good but I wish the vid had them actually doing the polka - it would have lifted it from common to exceptional (you ain't seen nothing til you watch a roomful of large people polkaing especially when they have been dancing their entire lives).

I know what you mean, I lived in Germany for about a year. Polka is all they swear by when it comes to real big parties (incl. the Oktoberfest, of course). Of course, it's different from Cleveland Polka (as Frank Yankovic), but it's the same basic beat. What I love of Yankovic's music is just that overwhelming joyfulness of it. In between the seriousness of deep complex melodies and then all those songs about breakups or other downers (not to mention the "look at how cool I am" songs), it's refreshing to listen to pure joyful up-lifting songs for once. That's what I like about Polka, it's real party music, i.e., not fist-pumping party music, but "being happy" party music. That's the "exceptional" part for me. This illustrates that better.

dd - don't you just love the casual anarchy of the streets!? It was the automobile clubs that agitated for 'jaywalking' laws - they even stipulated that a 'ticket' be issued rather than jail time.
The music is - I don't have words - I am going to subscribe to their channel - hell, I might even pay good money for their music!

m2k17 - I used to polka - it was joyous to fly around the floor twirling but then I learned to waltz and I lost that 'extra' beat and could never recover it. But then the waltz is another wonderful dance - I saw an old French gangster movie with guys in the striped shirts waltzing (and guys with those tiney French accordians); what they did was drop the left arm/hand and they would lean out on the right hand/arm and spin - if you waltz, try it, you can't help but spin!

You can create your own library using spotify, just add it to your library and it is like using itunes

Also consider J.S.Bach(all music of him is great!). His 6 cello suites are out of this world music! Let this music intrude in your whole body, a great experience!
Cello suite no 1 in G

Wow! You guys have some pretty specialized tastes. My own is pretty mainstream.

I usually just go to Songza (http://songza.com/), on which I have found music I couldn't find anywhere else,

raditaz (http://raditaz.com), which is available in the US (being in Canada, I have to VPN in to a US site to be able to use this site.),

Grooveshark (http://grooveshark.com/),

or Spotify (https://www.spotify.com/int/) which, like raditaz, restricts users by country. If you don't know of a VPN server you can access, you might consider a paid service like WiTopia (https://www.witopia.net/), which allows you to select an IP address from an American city.

    ddanb- I have a pretty complete collection of JS Bach; most of Beethoven, I have The complete recordings of Glenn Could; much of Ennio Moricone, much Frank Zapa, Profuse 77, Much Yoyo Ma, Tom Waits,Jean Michel Jarre, and so on.I also have some Punjabi, Israeli, Palestinian, Indian, and so on.

I have what is called I guess "a sneaking suspicion" we have alot in common about music. I have the Goldberg variations by Glenn Gould too, and Oxigene by JM Jarre. I love the sitar music of Ravi Shankar.
And what about "The blues"? Great music from Robert Johnson 'till my latest dicovery Seasick Steve on his 3 string guitar.

+1 on Seasick Steve. I discovered Seasick Steve about six months ago. I really dig his style of music.

I love side 1 of Ommadawn by Mike Oldfield. Anyone else remember when records had two sides?

Yes. Side 1 of "Tubular bells" by Mike Oldfield.