I'm not entirely sure if this is the right section because I'm kind of new here, so I'm sorry if it is.

I've been programming for 4-5 years now and i still se myself as a beginner. My skillset is large but the skill of the individual skills are beginner to intermediate. I'm a lazy person with high interests in programming and game designing who looks for a programming language to call my home. Starting a game project is my speciality but finishing a game project is a blank void. I've never really complete a proper game that i can be proud of because i just lose interest in coding the application after a while when i can't figure out something essential for the application.

But I'm back again with a will of fire(Naruto reference) and want to start over again with a new idea a new game and a new mindset.

I've looked at the following languages and i will describe to you why i liked or didn't like that language.

Action Script(Flash)

I feel that this language is more of a casual gamer and ad-maker than a real programming language sure action script is great at making small indie games but you can't really make other applications that interact with Windows. So this is a no-no language for me.

Visual Basic.NET

This is the only programming language i haven't left, i love this programming language in the sense that it's super-fast to create simple applications. However VB does not offer you the tools to create very well optimized applications and don't offer a decent library for game development. Still this language is fun and exciting at times.


C# is a great and very flexible programming language that offers good application optimization and a decent syntax. However the complications I've faced with C# is too big to remove all the good things. To give an example, Communicating with another form is a pain.


Now i haven't given this much time and this might be a worthy language which i can code in. Last time i used Python was a few years ago when my programming experience was pretty low so that might be the case why i didn't pursue it any further.
However creating GUI is somewhat advanced if I'm not wrong. I can't even imagine what proper animations would require of me.
Note: I've never created a UI from scratch.

Java and JavaScript

My brain hates Java and JavaScript, I've always come to hate both languages for reasons unknown. Every Time i see a syntax code my brain just freaks out and I'm constantly opening VB or C#. So I'm guessing this is also a no-no.

I will finish this thread of with a list of what I'm looking for:
  1. Be able to find syntax errors quickly.
  2. The ability to optimize my application so they will run as smooth as butter.
  3. Easy-to remember syntax.
  4. Preferable support for Windows,Linux and Android.
  5. Easy to create UI.

So judging by my previous experience and interest what language do you think i should look into ?

Thank you for reading through all my rambling :)

If you want to build games I would recommend Unity. If you want to learn another programing language, I would recommend PHP because its easy to spot errors, it has some easy syntax to remember.. and you can create web based apps with html/css/javascript. The next lang I would recommend is Ruby.. To me this is the cadillac of web based lang. I understand about losing interest in projects and find it hard to complete.. The cause could be ADD like the rest of us.. but also, when you are working alone on projects it can be frustrating trying to solve a problem without having someone to bounce ideas off of. I get like that too sometimes.

One thing that helps me is to find forums and threads with topics and questions I can answer or feel I can work out the issue and just jump in an help someone. You should find someone to colab with and start some small projects.