I am using VB.Net 2008 Express Edition, I created project its works fine,
Now I want to add Word File that Project and When run Setup File (from Publish) on another computer that Word file also autocopy with this project, Is possible to do this..? How I code to open this Word File in "Process.Start( ??????? )

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If you've added your word file to your solution, then in the properties of the file you can choose "Copy if newer" for "Copy to output directory". Usually this is set to "Do not copy", so it won't appear in your published folder.

I think you can do this.
I am using same...
so i hope this work for you

make a single instant application
Copy the word file to the new folder.
also on completion of your project. copy all the files store in the debug folder and paste to that new folder...
So that the word file and your project file will be in same directory.

now to the form1 add button name it as: Open Word File
code to open it:
proces.start(My.Application.Info.DirectoryPath & "\wordfile.doc")

I just give you tip as you can do this too.
else go as per your choice.

You are using the publish option and i never use it but i am using the advanced installer which can help us to create the setup.exe file

Thank you very much, from "Advanced Installer" can do it.

Advanced Installer can add the VB Project (almost all Visual studio project + java project + etc) and also having the activation serial input too
For more details as for advanced installer, you can contact me.

As per your comment it's seem that you got the solution.
so please make this article as Solved and upvote and comment please

If not then tell the problem

As per you said, from Advanced Installer solved my question
Thank you Sir,

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