What music does everyone like?

I have a very wide spectrum of tastes including the following:

The Beatles
David Bowie
Simon and Garfunkel
Alanis Morisette
Alisha's Attic
I Nine
Elvis Costello

To name just a random few.

I think Jewel is my all time favorite though.

-Red hot chilli peppers
-Chris Brown
-Jay z
-Classical music

I used to play the piano a bit so I like Mozart's piano stuff?

Do you have any favourites?

Hi all,

music for me is something special, I'm always in search for new music: new to my ears.

I listen primarly Bach: search for Goldberg Variations or the Toccatas by Glenn Gloud, the Cello Suites by YoYo-Ma and Sviatoslav Richter's concerts. Or Chopin by Brigitte Engerer. Rachmaninoff by Richter is also awesome.

Then Philip Glass and the Reworks made by other artists, Moondog, the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, Fat Freddy's Drop, Ratatat, Moderat, Hjálmar, Ananda Shankar, Bob Dylan, Zoe Keating, Balanescu Quartet, CYNE, The World Inferno Friendship Society, Yusef Lateef, Robbie Basho, Arvo Pärt, Sufjan Stevens, Neon Indian, The Flamming Lips, La Femme, Devotchka, La Rue Ketanou just to name few.

Defining the favourite is difficult, depends on the mood and situations (long runs or while writing code), in those cases I can listen a specific song in loop for hours...

I'm always in search for new music:

Try "Nothing Above My Shoulders But the Evening" by Ray Lynch and "Waterstation" by Tim Clement.

commented: I will, thank you! +0

Do you have any favourites?

@iamthwee- no one in particular. I enjoy Bach, Beethoven and Baroque quite a bit. I'll get home from work and just play classical especially from a long day of solving problems. I typically enjoy those pieces that focus on piano.

Bach and inparticular the 6 cello suites. This must be music from another world.
I like other music also, in particular if it's good music.

No such thing as too beardy, surely? :)

Ha ha yes but yours is not 4 feet long!

Any beard envy around here?

Any beard envy around here?

More like who has the longest. Happygeek wins no doubt about it.

I enjoy listening to classical music sometimes on classic fm, nothing beats the calm soothing tunes.

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I like it LOUD!!! Although I've calmed down over the years. Now into:

The Temperance Movement
Black Stone Cherry
Five Finger Death Punch
The Cult
The Answer
Foo Fighters
Blackberry Smoke
Cadillac 3
Slade - forgotten how absolutely brilliant they were

But also like a variety of other genres:

Screamin' Jay Hawkins
Otis Redding
Christy Moore
Tony Joe White
John Denver
Scissor Sisters
Male Voice Choirs (Welsh of course)
John Mellencamp

Anybody who pigeon-holes themselves to one genre is missing out.

I have beard envy, when I grow a beard(we'll call it that), it looks more like a bunch of pubic hairs on my face. Needless to say, I don't grow a beard.

As for music, to name a few artists I like:

Dream Theater
Big Wreck
Avenged Sevenfold

Just to name a few that are on my phone.

Anybody who pigeon-holes themselves to one genre is missing out.

Totally, agree, I think there is a stereotype that men should like heavy metal or hip hop (for the younger generation)

Whilst it is true I enjoy listening to hip hop/ rap and grime which is popular on the uk underground scene. I do like the old tear jerker from time to time.

Ottis Reading, sitting on the dock of the bay, louis armstrong, 'we have all the time in the world', Alanis Morisette 'Head over feet.'

They're just classics I could listen to over and over again. Hell even some of JB's tracks I find myself bobbing my head to and tapping my pen on the table in chorus. Of course this isn't something I'd share outside of DW!! Haha.

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Avenged Sevenfold

Ah AS - forgot to mention them - Nightmare!
QR - saw them live about 30 years ago. V. good. I think they were supporting Quiet Riot

I listen to a lot of very different music, depending on my activity and my mood. Everything from classical, to blues/jazz/avante-garde, to pop, to hip-hop/electronica, to classic rock/metal/punk, right up to full-on extreme-metal and industrial/noise.

Artists I listen to a lot, off the top of my head:
Tool, Rush, AC/DC, Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, Clutch, Alice In Chains, anything involving John Zorn, Cranes, Laibach, Front Line Assembly, Godflesh, Meshuggah, Napalm Death, Cynic, Melvins, Neurosis, Crass, Chu Ishikawa, Ozomatli, Seasick Steve, Johnny Cash, John Lee Hooker, Louis Armstrong, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, James Brown, Jack Johnson, Norah Jones... Hell, I could list bands/artists for hours. I listen to tons!

I have some varaety in my music taste that is really based on what I am doing but technically ..

Classical Piano when tired,
Hardstyle when in the gym(which is pretty much daily >.>)
often youtube mixes when doing something at home or Rock
and most of the time no music at all especially when reading xD
Also, @Happygeek, if size matters I think you'll be #1 around here >.> xD


Christy Moore

Very nice. It makes me think of Cornelis Vreeswijk, a traditional (and funny) swedish folk singer, you might want to check that out.

Tony Joe White

Awesome! Thanks for that shout out, I hadn't discovered any dope shit in the blues genre for a while. The last time was probably a few years ago with Seasick Steve's hick-blues, check it out if you haven't yet.

I also listen to a whole bunch of different styles, pretty much all over the spectrum.

In the spirit of being on an IT forum, when coding, here is my playlist filter I tend to use nowadays:

"Dance" OR "Funk" OR "Electronic" OR "Rap" OR "Hip Hop" OR "Soul" OR "R&B"

I find those tempos and beats to be most conductive to intense coding.

Here are some of my reliable favorites from various genres:

Grimes (atmospheric-electronic)
Brother Ali (funky rap / hip hop)
Scandinavian Music Group (atmospheric-folk)
Carolina Chocolate Drops (old-time folk, "genuine negro jig")
Kandle (folk-rock / pop-blues)
Eivor Palsdottir (cannot be described with the words of mere mortals)
Meiko Kaji (traditional japanese)
Everlast (rap-blues)
Notorious B.I.G. (rap god.. for those living under a rock)
Janelle Monae (space R&B)
Daniel Bélanger (french lyrical soft/pop)
Radio Radio (unhinged hip hop)
CeeLo Green / Gnarls Barkley (funk)
M (funky electronic)

Of course there is ...
Carlos Santana
Peter Maffey
Tina Turner

Sometimes I listen to the beat of my own drummer.

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Cheers Mike. I.ll be sure to check them out. On leave at mo.

Oh yeah Queen is a classic, and there's spandu ballet for the uk folks.

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Just saw Alien Ant Farm in Cardiff. Awesome. Brought back a lot of mems. My daughter was just a couple of years old when I was playing Anthology to her around the clock, so was a bit unreal for her to meet the band at the merch desk. Really nice bunch of guys. They invited us to go along to the Bunker to get wasted with them, but daughter only 15 :(

May post pic when I get bluetooth to work off daughter's phone. Double :(

Hoobastank and P.O.D also on the bill. OK, not my thing tho. Somebody said they saw C Lo Green was bouncing around with P.O.D

Ride of the Valkeries (Classical)

Sooner or later any kind of music become boring.