How do i copy all my music from my old itouch to the computer/itunes,so i can put it on my new itouch.
PS: My OS is Windows 7.

I did not know windows also have itunes. You must be joking, right? Please state what you what to do. You want to copy your music form your ipod to computer, right? Did i get it correct, if not i will give you the wrong advise

It should be on your computer. How did you get it to the ipod in the first place?
The music sync is one way - computer to ipod. The exception is itunes purchases. Without syncing: File>Transfer Purchases
The ipod touch is not a storage device. It is designed to mirror the elected content from your computer.
What's more,you can refer this article about how to transfer or copy music from iPod to computer, which included an easy guide to work out that.

Funny and joking post?

Please tell me where you can get itunes in your window?

Funny and joking post?

Please tell me where you can get itunes in your window?

Yup, that is what i have said in first post. First are you joking or lying about the windows have itunes part. Otherwise we can't help you. Only mac osx platform have itunes, windows don't. With wrong information, we can hardly help you.

Jingda and johnylever first update your self.... one can attach his ipad to the pc with window OS and also copy itunes in it Apple provides the facility click here or you search on google for the details

and please if some asks a question don't give insulting comments about his/her question even if it is a very basic one or even it is wrong try to help people

I know that you can download itunes from the internet but is the wrong stuff. The orignal poster said this " How do i copy all my music from my old itouch to the computer/itunes,so i can put it on my new itouch." Just transferred the music from the old one to the new one. Why does he need the computer/itunes. He could just use diskaid.

He should have some reason to do so... any how this is was not which i said and it was just an advise

First off, iTunes is available for Windows... has been for years. Secondly, this is an issue because there is no Apple-endorsed way to get music off of an iPod Touch to a PC without the music already existing on the PC. iTunes does't work that way, and neither does the iPod. Apple licenses the music and so it doesn't function like an external drive as some MP3 players do.

With that said, Google some third party solutions and they may be able to help. As regular practice, however, what you want to do is back up your iTunes library so that you can move material from one PC (or Mac for that matter) to another.

well strange one why shouldn't you download you required collection from internet

Simply connect your old iPod to your windows computer (having iTunes), then update your iTunes library with that iPod. Now since you have your music library on your system, connect your new iPod to your system and sync your library with your new iPod.
Hope you will find the solution.

Step 1: Plug your iPod touch to Mac using the USB cable.
Step 2: Open the "Audio" tab by clicking it, and check songs you want to copy. You can also transfer songs in a playlist back to computer.
Step 3:Click the "Export checked files to local" button to start to transfer songs to computer hard dirve.

I had a few problems at the beginning.

Personally, given the amount of spam I see promoting the EaseUS 'solution' I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole. That's the power of negative advertising for you...

I tell you a method.You can use iTools.Because itools can convert music to any apple device, such as transfer to iPod without iTunes.It can be said to be a free music app for IOS.:)

If you have a god habit to backup ipod muisc regularly.When you lost music , you may have an available backup to restore from.

As we all realize that the music is put away on iPod memory,We can't through usb information link to exchange the music from ipod onto another computer,we need to utilize some application programming to help us duplicate the music from ipod to a computer,Now there are a great deal of programming in the business sector, to pick a decent programming would we be able to go through additional at ease.

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