Go here and try this quiz.


I was freeza, and my bro was hercule.;)

I scored a Goku :)

Aww.. my favorite is gohan.

I wanted to be broly.I guess I wasn't as evil as I thought I was.

You scored as a Hercule :)

Lol Feeza my favorite bad guy woot woot. although only in final stage he just shit me in the other stages

how on earth did i end up as a freeza? i am not the type who wish to rule the universe.

I never really liked Dragon Ball Z.

ouch......but, it seems like everybody is freeza.I guess everybody does have a secret intuition to rule the universe.Oh, and as for my bro....he's proud to be Hercule.YEAH!!!!!

wasnt hercule that really annoying loud martial artist? Nobody likes him. Your brother is odd

Hercule is a jerk, but he is pretty funny.Bro pissed

i scored as Vegeta!!! He's my fav character!!!! (3