I am eating a Lil'Drumstick chocolate with chocolatey swirls.

Dim Sims actually the best things I have ever tasted they are like tiny round balls smaller than the ones I get in the canteen.

Right now, I'm eating chocolate bunnys.

One of those high fiber cereals that tastes like saw dust.

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Stale bread that the toaster couldn't cure. Some cheap non-descript tea that I inherited a few years ago somehow. Only because I've run out of coffee.
Good bloody morning to you too. I'm determined to have a bad day :)

I'm going to have Taco Bell for lunch. I currently work there so I'll get a discount.

Flemish stew and fries. Drinking a beer with it. and clotting a lot of mayonaise over the fries. Hmmmm.

My FAVOURITE!!! Cauliflower soup with extra bits of bacon and potato

Egg, sunny side up, a toast with cinnamon sugar, and a cup of mint tea.

A bison burger with tall glass of V8.

I spelt it as "votka" on purpose.
In russian sometimes it's difficult to tell "t" from "d"
Cheers, guys!
Thank you for your help for us in WWII.

It's pity that you don't know how much sufferings Germans brought to my land.
But we won.

carrots, vegetables, salmon, and water with lemon

Asparagus with smoked salmon and dill sauce. Glass of white wine.

Crunchy Spicy Bucket Chicken with crusher yimmeee

Pity you don't know nothing
Our communication soldiers glued wire by teeth
and were dying under the bullets
When Germans executed Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya Stalin issued the order: nobody from this regiment to take prisone... just shoot them on the spot

Can you imagine -- russian soldier crawled to wire, catch 2 its ends into teeth and died there.

hamburger and Toast, with cup of Milk. xD

TBONE STEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just had some good ole McDonald's.

yep today wanna have McDi's Burger, Sandwich, french fries.