have read some on other users experiencing a crash when Right-clicking on items, which I am experiencing. I have done some work to try to narrow down the problem but no luck thus far.
What I have discovered symptom-wise, when the crash occurs, dr.watson has an error and needs to close. This occurs when I right-click on certain icons.
Icons that I CAN r-click without a crash are things like internet explorer icon (not the shortcut), any FOLDER icons. I can r-click start menu, task bar, task bar icons, folders WITHIN the start menu, (but NOT any .lnk icons, or shortcuts.) can R-click my computer.
Can NOT r-click on any other files (Such as .txt, .bat, .exe).
This occurs also in safe mode, and/or with empty MSCONFIG.
Have done multiple spyware/virus scans which came up clean (had some minor spyware issues).
When the crash occurs, I can ctrl-alt-del, end drwatsn32.exe, at which point the current explorer window will close (explorer.exe terminates) and re-instates itself after 2-3 seconds.
To my eyes, HJT looks clean, however I'll gladly post scan results if it helps any.
From what I know, it appears to be registry-related, and if it is, I have no idea where to begin to look to fix. Have tried to help myself but from this point would like some other input.
WinXP pro SP2, all current updates, let me know any other software details you would like or recommendations.

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thank you for replying. had to work today. I'm a computer tech. go figure :P (can't win 'em all 'eh?)
So, tried as thread suggested, neither registry key had the "noviewcontextmenu" option, so on a whim I created one and set to 0 (the default anyway).
didn't work.
Going to do a different virus and spyware scans, see what they come up with. Others tried avg which I don't use but worth a shot. mebbe avast. *shrug*
Any other suggestions, will post results of scan as come available.
thanks again,

FOUND the tricky summabiscuit-eater...
Ok, not sure WHY exactly, but Dr. DiVX is the culprit. So, bad guy that I am, some time ago I decided to d/L and try some software zipped in a tidy bundle for all kinds of DVD-utilities (no, not specifically "legal" yeah yeah yeah...), of which included Dr.DiVX. This was awhile back.
Unsure why, like I said, but this particular Version of Dr.DiVX is EVVVVIILLLL.... and doesn't play nice with SP2 in particular.
Buttttt I suppose that's what you get for DL'ing software and expect to get something free.
Ain't nuttin' free. :o
really appreciate your help, hope this may help someone else.
Check the other link posted too, that reg fix may help someone.

My symptoms were explorer.exe crash by any following actions :: ctrl-x,c on icons, attempting to delete files by hitting "delete" key or shift-delete, R-click on icons. NO CRASH from R-click desktop, R-click anywhere other than icons, No crash from R-click on any folders (including folders found on start-menu).

After uninstall, it alllll goes away. I'm happy. THISSSS close to formattin' the .... yeah.
*cheers* all.

Thread solved by the guy who created it :D

I don't know for sure that you have the same problem that I had -- when I right clicked on most desktop icons, I was getting a non-recoverable freeze -- my problem has disappeared when, before right-clicking any desktop icon, I simply right click on any blank space on my desktop and then choose

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