i have done my M.tech in digital communication stream. I am very much clueless in what's the right path for my career and which are the best jobs avilable for me.My final year project was based on networking.
i request you to suggest me which is the right path and do i need to get any certificates (additional course) inorder to get a good job if so which are the best courses to choose.

Please do tell me the possible options infront of me.

thanking you

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Its hard to give you specific career advise without knowing more about you. What I can tell you is that having a degree is good. Having certifications are good too, but not as important or valuable as they were about a decade ago.

Your best bet, in my opinion, is to get some actual work experience. If you are interested in Computer Networking and have no experience at all, try to get an entry level
field tech job, or help desk...just to get your foot into the door.

Of course, while you are working on that, trying to get a certification completed is a nice add-on.

a technical job is going to need some technical experience. A less technical job such as an entry level analyst would value more on the education.

You may want to take some networking classes at the local community college to get some basics. After you get the basics then you can work on the CompTIA Network+ and look for an entry level job.

The basics I learned 12 years ago from the University still apply today.

I hope that helps.

I believe the best thing is to start working , gain experience and take certifications side-by-side. Good Luck!

you can go for the central govt recognized networking courses in Pune. CCNA, if i am not wrong, its a good course. i suggest u do it and it will add good weigh in your resume..

Thanks for all your suggestiong..i am in india so basically its very difficult to get a job directly so i m clueless in what way to get the job.. does consultancy helps me? someone said do some courses in NIIT does it help too?

Any experience you get will help. I would focus on working on trying to build your social network. meet people in the IT field. See if they let you work with them for free, then get people to recommend you. Keep reading, build a virtual lab. Attend seminars, user groups, use social networking sites to get the word out that you are looking for work.

try to get into companies like TCS so that you could get experiences, but i would prefer you do some standard networking course which will help you build a good career... good luck

i will do a CCNA course and try to get training for that?

If you are interested in the Network Administration path, then the Cisco CCNA as well as the CompTIA Network+ certifications are the entry level certifications you should pursue.

yeah thanks and that's what i have been thinking too,, join to do some courses and get ccna certifcate and work experience too :)

Thumbs up for CCNA... join it buddy

have anyone heard about NIIT institute which offers CCNA course?
some have said its good to join> what u people suggest?

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