I have found a strange problem in my Ubuntu 12.04 laptop.
When the machine is started, everything is working fine. But if I press the Right Shift key, the keyboard starts to work abnormally as follows -

  1. All the letter keys is displayed in uppercase even if the caps lock are off.
  2. Number keys are not working.
  3. The Right Shift key is not working anymore.

I could not find any clue how to solve this. Any suggession is appreciated.

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Maybe a reinstall? I just installed Ubuntu 12.04 a couple weeks ago and have had no problems. I just test my right shift and there were no issues.


Thanks Stuugie for replying.
It was working fine sometimes back, but started to behave abnormally suddenly. I just found that some other keys are also not working properly. For example, if I press Left Shift + any key, it is working as expected, but Left Shift + t or Left Shift + c is not working while Left Shift + a or b etc working fine. I suspect may be the keyboard settings have some problem but still no clue.

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