My students are permitted to search DaniWeb for answers concerning web design.

The classroom erupted this week, because there is a stupid ad from SitePal that makes the computers talk.

Must ad companies become more and more annoying???

They are NOT going to sell their product by making people mad. And I wish there was a permanent way to block that particular kind of content.

Why can't you control the content?

I agree. Ads have no business using my stereo system unless I explicitly permit them to do so.

Agree 100%. Perhaps Dani can look into this as she aggressively filters the allowed advertisements on Daniweb. There's no point in making Daniweb's members angry with ads; that defeats the purpose.

Pages that have some form of default audio to me fall in the NSFW category. So chalk me up in the "no audio ads" camp.

Yeah i used to go a flash game site but then they got ads that just constantly talked. And it was annoying to turn off my whole sound just to play something. So eventually i just stopped going there. Im pretty against anything i dont like having access to my speakers :)

Although not a solution for Daniweb, there's a program called Flashmute that works quite well. It will filter all sounds from the internet while allowing local sounds to the speaker.

This program works everywhere. Now as I surf, I don't get talking ads, background music, and automatic videos interrupting the audio from my stereo, TV, or discussions with my wife I'm half-listening to.

Firefox +
If you want to allow ads on your favourite site, then you can do this, otherwise, they're history.

If you absolutely must run javascript on a trusted website to get anything done, then you can enable it for that site. Otherwise, no thanks.

If you must see what that flash animation is, then just press the "play" icon placeholder. If you really like the site, then you can enable flash for the whole site.
Otherwise, a life free of visual and audio distractions awaits you.

I've just been to a few of my favourite sites with a naked IE, and man, what a fsking annoying place the web has become!.

This is NOT solved. I can't install ANYTHING on the school computers. They make a master load for each semester.

I also can't turn off the sound, because the lesson tutorials use it.

This must be done at the website end.

This has been discussed at the business level behind the scenes. In the meantime, all I can offer you is that none of the ads play sound automatically ... only when hovered over and only once per pageview.

NO ads should EVER do things when hovered over. You almost always have to cross the top ad bar to get to the menu items above and below it.

I wish I could get some kind of court injunction banning ANYTHING on a web page that causes a change when the mouse is moved over it. That "share" button is especially obnoxious.

There is a button on the ad to turn off the sound, but it resets to being on every time I return to the site.

Why do some of the "similar threads" listings under this post box point to threads from 5 years ago?

> They make a master load for each semester.
Do "They" know about the problem, and are in a position to do something about it with a better s/w load for next semester?

Did you not read my post? I have no permission to install anything.

I don't think you need permissions to install firefox add-ons. I've tried it before, it should work the same for you.

> Why do some of the "similar threads" listings under this post box
> point to threads from 5 years ago?

Because it says "similar threads" and not "recent similar threads"...

> Did you not read my post? I have no permission to install
> anything.

AFAIK, if you already have FF installed, you don't need any special permission to install the plugins/themes/addons. Just make sure the proxy settings are in place[if any] and you should be good to go.

Yes you do need permission.

The system has Deep Freeze. Every time you start an app, it gets a fresh load from the original build.

The software updates don't even work if a user tries to install them. The admins have to download them at night, and install them via superuser remote access.

In addition, it is against the rules to install anything. Users attempting to do so lose their user accounts.

Any addon must undergo rigorous testing before being added to the build. That takes many man-hours.

The admin response to adding the ad filter was "stop using that website."

C'Mon, people. Listen to what Midi is saying. He cannot -- repeat cannot -- make any changes at all to the software base of the computers at school. He does not have permissions. Therefore, any changes must be done at DaniWeb itself do he can utilize DaniWeb while at school.

Now, the question is -- is Midi using DaniWeb for school, or simply at school? :?:

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I'm the instructor. I suggested that the students read solutions to some problems here as an exercise in how to research an answer.